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On the auspicious occasion of "Guru Paurnima"(19 - July - 2016) we are launching this new Android Application.
- This is OFFLINE Application.(No need of internet connection once download of content is completed.)
- This application is specifically developed for Ayurvedic Community (Ayurveda Students & Practitioners).
- Use of this application content is limited to the Active Subscribers of
- Content of Application are in Sanskrit Language only.
- Complete "Ashtang Sangraha Samhita" with Indu (Shashilekha vyakhya) commentary.
- You can directly go to specific shloka in the Adhyaya using shloka number.
- In future you will get update of "Expert comments" i.e. commentary on shloka to know its meaning & hidden meanings.
- Read Android App - Subscription Procedure from website to know subscription procedure.
- Please Complete Subscription procedure on website, or you can subscribe it from application.
- Change device function added.
- User can download content using existing username password if he wish to change device.
- No need to subscribe again for new device.
- SEARCH facility added.
- Now you can search any word from samhita.
- Devnagari sript searching.
- Hindi keypad can be used for searching.
- Copy and paste any searched shloka and commentary.
- Advt free application.

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What's New Ashtang Sangraha - Indu Teeka

- Technical Update
- Upgrade android target version for security guidelines from Google.
⚠ Important Notes:
After updating application to latest version, you will be logged out from the application. You need to deregister device and login again to continue using the application.
- Enabled Change device even if device is not working (Exchanged or Inactive or stollen).



Version: 3.0.0

Requires: Android 4.0 or later



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