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GPS: Way Home, is a small GPS navigator that is perfect to have with you when you not has internet access or desirable to not use the internet as in travel abroad.
The app in interactive interface to display it wherever you have been without the need for maps or internet. Follow the yellow marker to see where you've been, or create a waypoint to easy to take you back to a position.
GPS: Way Home is optimal when you want to use a GPS abroad where you want to avoid expensive phone bills, but be sure you get back to your hotel or car.
If you like my app, please buy the pro version or writing a good review I will be happy and encouraged to develop more apps.
GPS: Way Home has several features clever features of which some of this is:
* Save position to easily find your way back
* Track to see where you've been before.
* Compass to easily take out the direction.
* Statistics on speed, distance and current position.
* Zoom feature to zoom in on detail from a few meters to several mil.
* Create GPS coordinates to more easily find your way
As a developer, my goal is to make small smart apps that do what they should do and nothing more, that I reach through the following goals:
* Never ads in the App.
* Never more privileges than is absolutely necessary for the app functions.
* No unnecessary graphics that make the app bigger or difficult to use.
Send me a email at if you will help me to translate this app into you native language?

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What's New GPS: Way Home

I has remove the pro version, you got the full app for free!
* Unlimited number of checkpoints.



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android 2.1 or later


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