Clock Live Wallpaper - Analog, Digital Clock 2021

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Clock Live Wallpaper
Decorate your mobile with beautiful Analog Clock with your photo backgrounds and awesome digital clock.
Add your favorite photos inside analog clock.
Night Digital Clock with alarm is very useful.
This amazing app has 4 awesome features:
1. Photo Analog Clock live wallpaper:
This Analog clock has amazing features like:
1. Choose your own pictures as analog Clock Backgrounds
2. Choose nature or flowers HD backgrounds
3. Vary the size of the clock as small, medium or Large
4. Change the horizontal and vertical position of the clock on screen
5. Change the Dial Color, Clock text color and Clock Inner text Color with respect to background
6. Display or Hide the date, day, month and Digital Clock.
7. Digital Clock has 12 hour or 24 hour format
8. Choose the countdown for Christmas, New year or your own Custom Countdown
9. You can choose either Analog clock or Digital clock.
2. Photo Digital Clock live wallpaper:
Digital Clock appears beautiful with HD backgrounds, birds, bubbles and butterflies animations.
1. Choose your own photos as clock backgrounds.
2. Or Choose backgrounds from 10 high quality backgrounds
3. Change the size of the clock as small, medium and Big
4. Choose the vertical position of the clock on screen
5. Choose the type of animation like bubbles, birds and butterflies
6. Change the color of the clock, clock brightness and text glow.
7. Change the display format of the date
8. Enable or disable Seconds, date, day and month.
3. Photo inside Analog Clock:
★ Turn your mobile into Beautiful Analog Clock with your own customized photos inside the clock
★ Choose your favorite Analog clock with matching background or background from your mobile gallery.
★ Add photo to clock and adjust photo with your fingers
★ Set as live wallpaper and apply realistic animations
4. Night Alarm Digital Clock:
Night Digital Clock With Alarm is an amazing app which is very much useful in day today life or night life!
This app displays Digital Clock on mobile Screen until you close the app
To display settings, Just tap on home screen
Uses or Advantages of Night Digital Clock With Alarm
★ Check time during mid night sleep
★ Use Flashlight on screen
★ Use simple and advanced Alarm settings
★ Ultimate Night Digital clock design
★ Simple and Smart alarm
Download this "Clock Live Wallpaper 2021" now for free!

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What's New Clock Live Wallpaper - Analog, Digital Clock 2021

* Fixed minor Bugs and crashes, Please update app.
* Optimized code to improve app performance.



Version: 1.0.46

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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