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StreamSquid is a free music streaming app and internet radio service that allows you to create your own playlists and listen to your favorite music.
It's ad-free and easy to use platform that allows you to manage and stream the music you love.
Its main features are:
- Popular playlists: Get recommendations for various up-to-date popular playlists
- Private playlists: Manage your private playlists: Add tracks to existing or a new playlist
- Favorites: Save you favorite tracks in a dedicated section
- History: Access your recently played tracks (AKA history)
- Listen queue: Manage a dynamic live listen queue
- Search: Search for keyword and get track results
- Share: Share your favorite playlists and tracks with your friends
Streamsquid team

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What's New StreamSquid

Fix play track issues that causes the app to malfunction



Version: 3.8

Requires: Android 4 or later


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