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⚡ Quick charge 2020 ⚡ (fast charger battery) - The faster battery charging application for phones 🚀⚡.

Super Fast Charging – Battery charger 2020
is a new free battery charging application that helps to kill all the background processes just with one click. It protects against poor charging, battery hogging apps, and overlooked device settings that shorten your battery life.
✨🔋Download Fast Charger Battery🚀 now for free and increase the battery charging speed easily

Fast battery charging booster help to fast charging your device, reduce battery charging time and extend battery life. Fast charging app is an adaptive fast battery charging power solution to minimize phone battery charging problems. Some chargers take a lot of time to charge mobile. Charging speed up with a fast battery charging booster.
🚀⚡ A fast charger app to charge battery fast and quick🚀⚡
The app can boost charging speed and increase the battery charging speed by giving more battery life.
✧✧✧Fast charging 2020✧✧✧ is an application that provides great support to your Android device with complete battery information.
This amazing app has a great & easy to Use User Interface and brilliant functions that can boost charging speed and increase the battery charging speed. This quick charger app will show the battery level as well as some battery information. It can start charging fast and saving battery life automatically without any action from you.
Fast charging 2020 (charge faster -fast 2020) This is a fast battery charger tool for your device. it provides accurate battery status such as health, temperature, voltage, and many more.
We know that smartphones are very important in our daily tasks and in our life in general, and batteries are more important because we can't run our smartphones or tablets if the battery energy is very low and That's why we created our app to boost charging speed for free.
⚡🏆⚡ KEY FUNCTION ON fast charge - (fastest charger APP) ⚡🏆⚡
⚜ Fast charger by removing background apps that help your phone speed up battery charging.
⚜ Show battery basic information such as battery temperature, battery voltage, battery health, battery technology...
⚜ Show information about Ram, CPU your phone.
⚜ Auto-launch the app and turn on the fast charge mode when plugin charging cable.
⚡How Fast Battery Charging (battery charge⚡)
Clean RAM – Kill background applications and running services (Automatic)
Automatically reduce screen brightness to lowest
Other phones optimized performance.
Why don’t you give this fast charge and phone optimizer app a try?
Since the entire features of this fast battery charging app are available for free, there is no harm giving it a try and explore the features for yourself.
Download Fast Charger Optimizer & battery booster
for free on your Android phone or tablet and enjoy the fast battery charging feature.
Stay tuned and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests or any other suggestions.☆☆☆👍
All the appreciations and Feedback from users are great supports for us to create the perfect applications for people all over the world.
Hopefully, we can see the rating and feedback from you!
Many thanks! 💞🎉

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What's New Fast Charging Booster –Quick Charge battery⚡2020

Automatically optimize the phone's charging.
Fixed crash, ANR & ads policy.
Charge Master (Fast charging) speed up your battery charge & reduce the charging times.
Option to maximum saving, maximum optimization.
Super Fast Charging 2020



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android 4.0.3 or later



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