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Description of 126 Astrology: Birth Chart Analysis, Kundli App

126 Astrology is a free Horoscope / Kundali app based on Hindu/Vedic/Indian Astrology is available in ENGLISH, HINDI, TAMIL & TELUGU languages
126 Astrology App uses very powerful astronomy database from NASA & Google Geocoding API for the accuracy in birth chart calculations
The horoscope analysis provided in our 126 Astrology App based on the strength of each planet in your horoscope, as analyzed by some of the renowned astrologers.
This app provides the following features -
* Panchang - Sunrise & Sunset timings, Calendar, Tithi, Nakshatra, Rahu Kaal, Yamagand, Abhijit, Lagna(live update every second with lords) as per your exact current location.
* Detailed Birth Chart Analysis (Bhav Chart, Rash Chart)
* Strength of Planet Using Shadbala
* House strenght using Astakavarga calculation
* Planetary Positions in each house & nakshatra
* KP Astrology - Planet & House significators, event predictions through current dasha & transit
- Know your lucky days for signing an agreement
- Know your lucky days for opening bank account
Favourable days for undergoing treatment of your health
Favourable days for occupying new house
- Favourable days for puchasing new vehicle
- Favourable days for filing court case
- Favourable days for applying passport
- Favourable days school or college admission
* Love/Marriage kundli, detailed analysis of boy & girl horoscopes based on points obtained on below categories
- Asta Kunta Analysis
- Rajju dosha Analysis
- Vedh dosha Analysis
* Career Horoscope, detailed analyis of your horoscope, D1(Rashi chart) & D10(Dasamsa chart) & provides detailed career report
* Money Horoscope, detailed analysis of your horoscope, D1(Rashi chart) & D2(Hora chart) & provides detailed wealth report
* Analysis of Marriage Relationship using Navamsa chart(D9 chart), Manglik dosha analysis, Kaal sarp dosh analysis, know your istadivam, know your atmakaraka planet
* Prashan Jyotish - Ask a question & know if it gets fulfilled
* Shodash Varga Kundali –
Detailed Analysis of all below 16 devisional/varga charts
Rashi Chart Analysis(D1), Hora Chart Analysis(D2), Dreshkana Chart Analysis(D3), Chaturthamsa Chart Analysis(D4 - Analysis of your landed assets), Saptamsa Chart Analysis (D7), Navamsa Chart Analysis (D9 - Know about your spouse, atmakaraka & manglik dosh analysis), Dasamsa Chart Analysis (D10), Dwadasamsa Chart Analysis(D11), Shodasamsa Chart Analysis (D16), Vimsamsa Chart Analysis (D20), Chaturvimsamsa Chart Analysis(D24), Saptavimsamsa Chart Analysis(D27), Trimasamsa Chart Analysis(D30), Khavedamsa Chart Analysis(D40), Akshavedamsa Chart Analysis(D45), Shastamsa Chart Analysis(D60)
* Vimshottari Dasha – Maha Dasha, Antar, Patyantar, Sukshma & Pran Dasha
* Plan your days through your personalized calendar which shows all your favourable days & not favourable days, chandarstama days based on the star strength & lunar strength calculations based on very famous book Muhurth by B V Raman
- The personalized calendar is very effective on your day to day plannings, at a quick glance you can know which days are auspicious & otherwise for you and play your days accordingly.
- The personalized calendar can also help you plan effectively in wife & husband relationships, for instance there are certain days such as chandrastama where there is negitive/paranormal effects into the body which can be avoided through some remedies
* 30 Day Predictions based on the Transit (Gochar) of all the planets
* Daily Horoscope Prediction
Know your yogas in your horoscope. The App analyzes your charts and identifies all yogas such as Raja Yogas, Gajkesri Yoga, Lakshmi Yoga, Panch mahapurush Yogas and many more as defined in BHPS with ref. from the book Yogas In Astrology by K S Charak
* Talk To Astrologer - You can instantly Chat or Talk to our expert astrologers

What's New with 126 Astrology: Birth Chart Analysis, Kundli App 126.34.4

Some issues in KP resolved.


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    Quick and simple to use
    2020-09-24 03:10
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    Most of the menu items don't open. After few days it is asking to purchase. How can I purchase when the app doesnt work?
    2020-09-21 01:21
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    App is not working
    2020-09-20 11:09
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    Predictions option needs to be work properly. It stuck in '' pleas wait" 😒 Developers should consider related issues seriously.
    2020-09-11 06:33
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    Well detailed analysis, very effective database of places and latitude
    2020-08-04 02:52
  • avatar
    Well explaination and accuracy.
    2020-07-31 05:57