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Description of AFLETE

Aflete brings you content from the best influencers. Login and access your content purchased online on Powered by AFLETE website only.
Download and get started.
Track all your workouts, make every rep count and get the physique you want.
Here’s how it works:
-We first analyse your data by looking at your Health App and asking you some questions. We use this to find the perfect workout for you. You can try this workout for free.
-Our workouts range from Fat Loss, HIIT, Lean Muscle with a special focus on booty for the ladies.
-Once you buy your plan you will get each week broken down with beautiful design where you can start your journey and start completing workouts
-Each workout has a timer, list of exercises complete with how many sets, reps, time and notes from the influencer or athlete. There are videos for each exercise to make sure you perform the right technique
-We track all your data in real time and show your progress to you and you can make notes in every workout
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What's New with AFLETE 1.4.8

Thank you for using AFLETE! We have added some improvements and squashed more bugs:
- Added a countdown feature for timed exercises - so you know exactly how long to do an exercise!
- Fixed an issue where scrolling through guides on Android was inaccurate, which meant eBooks didn’t open correctly
- Fixed Reset Workout, it now properly clears the completed statuses
- Fixed Reset Guide, it now resets all stats for the guide
If you have any questions or issues please reach out to our support team


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    AFLETE 1.4.7
    AFLETE 1.4.6
    AFLETE 1.4.2
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    Doesn't log workouts properly, I have to uninstall and reinstall to make them show up nearly every time. Have contacted for support and no solutions offered.
    2020-10-16 07:42
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    It mostly works. However, some workouts just aren't shown as finished. Having to un- and then reinstall the app (the only way to work around that) multiple times a month is just a pain in the A$$ 😩
    2020-10-09 02:24
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    App has somehow gotten worse after a long awaited and long needed update! Unfortunately the update means that none of my workouts are saved anymore... considering that this is the reason I'm using the app, I'll be deleting it as soon as I can get my guides some other way.
    2020-09-30 01:21
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    So the update made it really easy to restart a workout, but I've still noticed that the App is counting the seconds wrong! The in-app-seconds are usually a bit longer than standard seconds would be... it is so simple to program a functioning timer, so please fix this 😁
    2020-09-23 07:57
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    Decent- needs a couple fixes. In particular, for some exercises it just has "0s" under reps section and when you try to input weight and rep quantity- it doesn't allow you. More detail on the exercises: key points to keep in mind when performing them, maybe which muscles specifically they're working for mind to muscle connection, and helpful tips for proper performance. Outside of that though, it's pretty user friendly and convenient. Not bad, could be better though. (M.K. Resistance band prog)
    2020-09-03 08:24
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    There are some serious problems with this app. It refuses to complete a workout, it ticks off a wrong workout as completed and even if you redo a workout it wont save that... this is ridiculous. Only reason I'm still using it is because I dont have a choice since I bought a program in it. Please fix these silly stupid problems!
    2020-08-29 07:22