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Description of HotSpot Tethering - WiFi AP Editor, Share Net/5G

HotSpot Tethering offers a prominent hotspot toggle button for directly sharing your 3G/4G/5G network as a WiFi Access point (AP). It also can toggle hotspot by creating shortcut on desktop or notification bar! It's FREE and user need not ROOT the phone to use all the function! It can work very well on old and new Android devices.
HotSpot Tethering offers several kinds of schedule function to turn on, turn off or restart the hotspot automatically on time or on event, even if the device is under locked state or far away from you.
From now on, users can easily manage multiple hotspots using the editing function, and switch between different hotspots with just a few taps. The program can also generate a hotspot QRCode for friends to directly scan, quickly tether and use your network, eliminating the inconvenience of entering a password.
Now download and install HotSpot Tethering for free~ :)
* Program Features:
1. Easy to use
2. Create a hotspot settings shortcut on desktop or on notification bar; create a hotspot toggle on the notification bar. They are especially useful for earlier Android device.
3. Edit/manage hotspots and apply easily, even can generate random complex password. For Android 7 or earlier device can set security to public/WPA/WPA2.
4. Switch to another hotspot by very few taps
5. Beside sharing external network of internet, running on Android 8/Oreo or later device can share private network (local hotspot).
6. The hotspot QRCode is automatically generated when you turn on or apply the hotspot, allowing friends to directly scan and use your WiFi network without entering a password
7. Schedule the hotspot to automatically turn on /turn off / restart and can query the history.
8. Many kinds of event trigger.
Bluetooth device connecting / battery level low or high can trigger hotspot, countdown to turn off and more ...
9. F&Q unit lets you easily know the mobile WiFi hotspots related concepts.
10. Not evil: it never collects your personal privacy, nor show ads outside of its screen, please use at ease.
I share my network with family but I leave to travel, and my phone crashes or no power, then they restart my phone, no one know how to unlock my screen. They need my network, how to do?
Second, We don't need to share network with kids at the mid night. Furthermore when I enter my car, I hope the hotspot turn on automatically to share the network with my another GPS device by detecting the bluetooth connection.
So all I need do is just to open the schedule module of the app, and set a rule or click some checkbox, then those tiny things would never bother me anymore. :)
* Demo Videos:
1. How to generate random password hotspot and QR code to tether rapidly?
2. (For Android 8 device) Setup the config steps of hotspot to apply and edit more than one hotspots:
3. Basic use (with old app version):
Android 5.X or earlier:
Android 6 or later:

What's New with HotSpot Tethering - WiFi AP Editor, Share Net/5G 4.494

1. After applying the hotspot, a QR code will be generated, allowing friends to quickly scan and tether to your network, without inputting the password!
2. While editting hotspot, user can gen a random password to strengthen Wifi network security. (QR code is recommanded to use with)
3. For Android 8 and later: Simplify the setup steps of hotspot config and support Android 10 Go devices.
4. Fix issues of brightness, using and a crash, and improve performance


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