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Description of Learn Chinese - ChineseSkill

Major Update: ChineseSkill V6.0.0 brings you a new curriculum, new learning activities and a new experience!
Learn Chinese - ChineseSkill is the must-have app for all Mandarin Chinese beginners. This app includes 500 fun and engaging mini-lessons that teach you everything from the Chinese alphabet to Chinese grammars and train your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills of Mandarin Chinese language.
ChineseSkill’s core curriculum is designed by veteran Chinese as a second language teachers from Peking University, the best university in China, and customized for the Chinese language. The curriculum covers grammars and vocabulary required to pass HSK 1- 2.
Chinese automatic speech assessment
Chinese character handwriting
pinyin tone animation
technologies are used in ChineseSkill app to make language learning easier, funner and more effective. With ChineseSkill, complete beginners have a chance to learn Mandarin Chinese quickly and reach a conversational level.
Professionally designed curriculum: optimized for total beginners and customized for Chinese language grammar structure;
■ Automatic speech assessment: start speaking Chinese immediately;
Game-like interactions: lessons and challenges are presented in a gamified style;
■ Multiple practice modes: original exercise types will help you memorize new information and reinforce learning faster than with textbooks;
■ Bite-sized lessons: designed for studying in fragmented times;
■ Competing with friends: makes learning Chinese addictive and fun;
■ HD recordings from native speaker: every sentence can be played in both slow and normal pronunciation speeds;
■ Offline learning: No internet connection required after downloaad;
■ Both simplified and traditional characters are supported;
■ The option to display Chinese as pinyin, characters or both as you like;
■ Synchronization of learning progress across devices.
What are you going to learn?
■ 150 grammar points
■ 300 sentence patterns
■ 1000 keywords and phrases
■ 1500 essential Chinese characters
ChineseSkill supports learning Chinese from 8 languages: ENGLISH, SPANISH, KOREAN, JAPANESE, RUSSIAN, VIETNAMESE, PORTUGUESE AND THAI.
Download “Learn Chinese - ChineseSkill” now and start your Chinese studying anywhere on your own pace!

What's New with Learn Chinese - ChineseSkill 6.1.2

This update contains:
1. The brand-new Chinese course based on and aim for real-life communication with over 1000 words and more than 2000 sentences.
2. An Arcade section in which you can take your Chinese language skills to the next level with fun games that target listening, speaking, reading and writing.
3. Everyday dialogues in which you can practice words, expressions and grammar you just learned.
4. Integrated AI algorithm that can help you make fast progress in speaking skills.


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    This application is very nice. It contains many games. One downside it only prepares to HSK 4 but that is not the big issue. Big issues are: 1)Arcade games as well as help is in simplified Chinese although I selected traditional Chinese. 2)They lack customer support and reported bugs are ignored.
    2021-02-24 10:18
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    Amazing application! I've been using this app for years now and I've learned a lot! Keep being the best!
    2021-02-23 09:54
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    I love this app most functional mandarin chinese learning app. It keeps learning fun. The hanzi(characters) practice could be worked. Besides that great app with a cute mascot
    2021-02-23 09:08
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    This is a wonderful app for learning Chinese. I am a Chinese beginner but it's perfect for me.
    2021-02-23 12:41
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    2021-02-23 05:24
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    2021-02-23 02:25