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Description of MyEffectiveness Habits - Goals, ToDos, Reminders

Your to-do actions grouped by your life roles by your role goals.
Pomodoro to tackle procrastination.
Notes to write down your notes and thoughts.
Week planner to plan ahead.
Thank you for downloading and using it.
You can use it to write your grocery list, shopping list, daily to do list, schedule tasks, define goals and mission statement, circle out distracting concerns.
To-do list can be broken down into projects, checklists and action tasks.
Todo actions have reminders and due dates for your to-dos so that you don’t miss them.
You can set recurrences to have repeating actions.
My Effectiveness helps you understand what to do, why you need to do it, and then do it.
The idea is:
1. Write what is your mission in life.
2. Write down what concerns you have and which ones you can influence - visualize them in the circles.
3. Define your roles. Look at your life from different points.
4. Set the goals you want to reach for each role. You can set long-term or short-term goals.
5. Define concrete steps - actions. You can have a single step actions, or you can define complex, multi-level project, or simple checklists.
6. Prioritize your actions using 2x2 matrix (a.k.a. Eisenhower matrix).
7. Assign tasks to weekdays (use weekly planning). Use recurrences and reminders.
8. Use Workodoro (pomodoro) to fight procrastination (when you need to).
Mission statement
Influences/concerns separation
Roles for context
Goal setting
Comprehensive action plan, put the tasks into Projects/Actions/Checklists
Set your priorities
Reminders and recurrences.
Weekly planner
Backup to and restore from Google Drive™
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The feedback from you is very welcome!
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What's New with MyEffectiveness Habits - Goals, ToDos, Reminders 0.27.3

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    This app is by far the most used on my phone. It helps me so much to plan my day and weeks with the easy to follow format. My only hope is they will also add a checklist feature so that my boxes don't get so full with small tasks that are all related.
    2020-10-09 06:13
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    While I think that this app can be really helpful, it does have some things that slow me down. First off, I can't even do the whole "Concern/Influence" thing. Every time I try, it says, "Empty Concern. Can't save!" Second, I would like to be able to edit my checklists just as I would my actions. Third, I'm not a big fan of the "Parent/Children" thing when it comes to the projects and checklists. I would like to have different goals for each "child". It's alright, but I had a hard time using it.
    2020-09-25 06:23
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    there's no search feature? not very useful without this. Update: changed review from 3 to 1 as I stopped using the app because of no search feature was added even after an year of requesting it. I was adding the same task multiple times in different priorities and ended up getting confused.
    2020-09-02 03:03
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    App is perfect and uses the philosophy written in 7 habits book. I would really like to be able to see my data/progress on pc on a website. I am working all day on pc and switching between devices is distracting.
    2020-08-29 07:10
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    I've tried so many productivity apps, but this one is the best by far. I don't usually leave reviews, but the feature where you can record the roles you play (daughter, mother, rocket scientist, etc) and the goals you have for yourself in each particular role is life changing. It's helping me stay motivated while struggling with my mental health and the pandemic. Thank you for this app 💐
    2020-08-24 10:21
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    From what I've seen, there is no other goal app that even compares! Love it!
    2020-08-24 03:08