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Description of XZ(Closet)

Over 24 Million Fashion Items and 3 Million Outfit Ideas!
“I should have lots of clothes in my closet, but I have no idea what to wear today…”
XZ(Closet) is a FREE fashion app for men/women who want to be much more stylish with their clothing items. New mix-and-match outfit ideas will be automatically created and delivered every day.
•Easily Upload Your Clothing Items
Quickly answering “Yes” or “No”,
you can select item images that are similar to what you already own and you can add them into your digital closet within the app. Add and manage your items anywhere without taking photos! The app also has background removing and trimming image capabilities that help you make added item images beautiful.
•Mix and Match Outfit Ideas in 3 seconds!
As soon as adding your favorite clothing items, fashion goods, never worn clothes, and clothes you always wear in the same way, mix-and-match outfit ideas will be automatically created and delivered in just 3 seconds! If you add clothing items you want to buy, you can even simulate how to wear them with items you already own.
•Outfits For The Week Depending On The Weather
According to the weather and temperature in your location, the outfit ideas will be optimized. As every outfit has an image snap, you can easily imagine how it looks like when it is actually worn.
•Take Your Closet Anywhere. Check Your Clothes Anytime.
You might buy clothes that look similar to what you already have, or might have clothes you rarely wear even though you bought them. You've experienced these before, right? As soon as you add your clothes to XZ, these things will be the past. The app makes it possible to think what to wear tomorrow while you’re going back home even on the train! While shopping, you can also make sure if the cloth you like or you want to buy will go with other items you own.
•Manage Your Outfits And Schedule
“What did I wear when I met her/him?” “I’m worried if she/he would think I always wear the same clothes.” In those cases, the calendar in the app enables you to record your outfit and helps you check what you wore. Since you can even add outfit ideas for future, you don’t need to be upset on the clothing any more!
• The App Is Also Recommended for ...
- People who are not confident with his/her taste in fashion.
- People who have clothes which he/she doesn't know how to wear.
- People who want to wear their clothes that they rarely wear after buying them.
- People who always tend to wear their clothes in the same way.
- People who want more outfit ideas with smaller wardrobe.
- People who often freak out during picking out their clothes in the morning.
- People who want to shorten the time of picking out their clothes.
- People who tend to buy clothes that you can mix-and-match your items.
- People who want to manage their clothes.
- People who want to know latest fashion trend as soon as possible.
- People who want to decide what to wear during free time.
- People who like looking at fashion magazines, catalogs and fashion apps.
- People who want to buy clothes that looks good on you without spending too much time.
- Men who want to know fashion trends or latest outfit ideas.
- Men who are interested in outfits that girls love.
- Men who are not good at choosing clothes at stores.
• Support Over 20,000 Fashion Brands
We cover wide range of fashion brands from casual fast fashion to luxury one:
adidas / Champion / DIESEL / EDWIN / FOREVER21 / FURLA / GAP / GU / H&M / kate spade / LACOSTE / Lee / MOUSSY / MUJI / NEW BALANCE / NIKE / POLO RALPH LAUREN / PUMA / UNIQLO / ZARA etc...
• Supported OS & Devices
- Android 4.4.4 above
• Feedback
We highly appreciate and value our customer feedbacks! To help us improve XZ, please feel free to send any messages through “Settings” -> “Contact” within the app or email us!
(email) support@xz-closet.jp

What's New with XZ(Closet) 4.0.3

Thank you for using XZ!
This update includes:
* Item sorting conditions in my closet are now saved.
* Fix some minor issues.
As always, we highly appreciate your feedback.
We accept it through the contact form in the app(RECOMMENDED) or an email to support@xz-closet.jp


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    Fantastic app. The suggestions are for younger women and only in very basic kind of styles but good for organizing and getting ideas. I'd love to see inspirations for older women as well (30 to 50 yrs). I would love if the forecast function would use options from outfits I have already created and saved.
    2020-10-23 06:45
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    This is an excellent app! Easy to add items to your closet, log outfits, and my favourite part is that you can view all the outfits you've worn in a month and a glance. Would highly recommend this.
    2020-10-23 12:44
  • avatar
    Love this app! This is the best weather fashion/ closet management app I've found so far. The fashion inspiration is great too. But, I do wish the fashion inspiration included more countries and different sized models. Overall, great app, just needs a little more diversity for the fashion inspiration. Edit - The ability to switch to Fahrenheit in settings would be great too! Another great idea would be to set a top as "laundry/dirty" so that it won't get suggested for a week or so.
    2020-09-24 03:11
  • avatar
    I would really like this app but I have two major issues while trying to add my clothes to the app: - it won't let me add anything from my phone's library (the option does nothing) so I have to use the camera or go shopping/browse - when browsing online, it opens a Google page and if you go into the images it turns into Japanese and makes it hard to use any image there Because of that, I can't use it to add my clothes.
    2020-09-08 10:23
  • avatar
    2020-08-29 08:02
  • avatar
    Why can't the app offer autumn clothing when, for example, the summer temperature drops to 15°C? And so it is with other seasons.
    2020-08-13 07:54