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Warship Rising - 10 vs 10 Real-Time Esport Battle

6.1.0 for Android
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Description of Warship Rising - 10 vs 10 Real-Time Esport Battle

Real-time, fast-paced multiplayer eSports battles - play anytime, anywhere!
Captain, enemy fleets have been sighted off the coast, all friendly units be prepared for attack! In a team of 10 fleets, take down your enemies head on in real-time battles at sea. Take control of your own customized battleship, strategically plan your line of attacks and blast away! Head out to the battlefield at sea today and experience naval warfare like never before. This is not your battle alone, your country needs you!
Aim, Shoot, Sink!
Take precise control of your battleship with intuitive touch screen controls and lead your crew to victory as Captain. Maneuver your battleship with accurate and realistic controls, gain strategic advantage over the enemy, take aim and shoot down the enemy fleets all in real-time!
10 v.s. 10 Real-Time Battles
Engage in breathtaking sea battles with 20 real-life players on the map! Compete against players from around the world and rise up the ranks. Shooting action mayhem and realistic battle quality made for the eSports fanatic! Your phone is your battlefield, ready for action anytime!
Sick of Solo Battles? Co-op With Actual Teamwork!
Communicate with friendly fleets in real-time during battle with the in-game smart commands and work strategically towards your goal. Streamlined quick commands and pings for clear, instant communication with teammates even during the most chaotic fights. Need support? Capture the battlefield point? Target a certain enemy ship? Communicate all these with the touch of a button! It’s your call, Captain.
Defend Your Country, Battle Globally
Represent your country with your country’s flag and battle players globally! Choose from a wide array of ships unique to every country. Form your own teams and bring honor to your country! The battlefield is in your hands and victory is just a tap away!
Iconic Ships From A History Of War At Sea
Your own realistic battleship based on actual ships from WW2. Bask in the glory of controlling beautifully crafted replicas of these ships and enjoy the unique experience of being the captain of each one of them on the battlefield. Over 100 different warships including the Bismarck, Admiral Hipper, Tashkent, HMS HOOD and many more. Whether it is cruisers, destroyers or submarines, we have them all!
Variety Of Game Modes and Battlefield Maps
Hone your skills across a range of different game modes and battlefields. Switch up between playing offensive and defensive, strategically plan your routes, master the unique landscape of each battlefield and gain the upper hand over your enemies with your superiority!
Weapons, Armors, Abilities And More!
Battle and unlock new weapons, ships and armors! Level up and customize your gears and ships. Be a real captain of your very own unique battleship!
To play Warship Rising on Android, you need a device that meets at least the following specifications:
1GB of RAM or above.
Android OS 4.0.0 or above.
CPU 2.0 GHz or above.

What's New with Warship Rising - 10 vs 10 Real-Time Esport Battle 6.1.0

1. The new warship "Karanstad" is added
2. The new destroyer "Mogador" is added, and it is created by fantasy
3. New cruiser loader "Weisman" and "Chinook"
4. Model 47 "Raging Flames
5. New "spray painting" function is added in painting
6. Legend and limited skin add special effects
7.Add rare shells: sub gun speed shell, sub gun damage shell (obtained by shell transformation)
8. Personal career add new hang up bonus function
9.now support the real-time voice function.


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    Android 4.4 or later
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    FUNPLAY Games
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  • Warship Rising - 10 vs 10 Real-Time Esport Battle
    Warship Rising - 10 vs 10 Real-Time Esport Battle 6.0.0
  • Warship Rising - 10 vs 10 Real-Time Esport Battle
    Warship Rising - 10 vs 10 Real-Time Esport Battle 5.9.2
  • Warship Rising - 10 vs 10 Real-Time Esport Battle
    Warship Rising - 10 vs 10 Real-Time Esport Battle 5.9.1
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    I've been playing for a long time after the last few updates no good . I think last time I played was about August 2020 fix it soon I'm hoping
    2021-01-20 06:20
  • avatar
    This game used to be awesome! But since the last couple of updates the game glitches something horrible and lags badly. I run 230+ mps so I know that I have enough network strength and is not on my end. The glitches have your ships repeating there position over and over again to the point you are going in circles. This game is no longer enjoyable and quite frankly frustrating not getting the product that it used to be and no longer getting my monies worth. Now, I can't see anymore reason to dump anymore money into this game until they get all of this fixed. Very sad...
    2021-01-10 05:38
  • avatar
    Thank you to the devs for fixing the game for android 10 users again! I'm looking forward to trying the new boss mode - been waiting for a mode like that :) Warship Rising is back to its usual self, so I'm off to beat those daily challenges! :D
    2021-01-05 01:03
  • avatar
    Loved the game til recently.Its got issues needing of a lil tlc.
    2021-01-02 07:41
  • avatar
    Servers been down almost a week now after updates. Games gone. Don't bother downloading. 11/18/20:. Now missing ships and guns I previously owned. 11/23/20:. Got a new Android. Had to download the app new. It won't bring me to the log in screen. Worthless. 12/10/20: I can log in today. Still don't have the ships I invested in. Magically all the upgrades to ships are gone. Upgraded weapons gone.
    2020-12-11 06:20
  • avatar
    In game app purchases are wrong. Packs display as USD 99.99 are the largest purchase which is what USA players are charged but UK players pay £99.99 for the same pack which is wrong as pounds sterling are at a different rate to US Dollars.
    2020-12-09 02:50