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Daily Weather

1.7.84 for Android


Stay ahead of the weather with the ultimate Daily Weather that puts all the information you need right at your fingertips. Whether you're planning a trip, going for a hike, or simply want to know what to expect for the day, this app has got you covered. With realistic weather animations like rain, snow, and thunderstorms, you'll feel like you're actually experiencing the weather. Prepare for your day with accurate current conditions, hourly and daily forecasts, and even extreme weather alerts to keep you safe. Plus, you can add global cities to get real-time weather updates no matter where you are. With beautiful widget styles to choose from, you can personalize your desktop and always stay in the know.

Features of Daily Weather:

⭐️ Realistic weather animations: Daily Weather offers realistic rain, snow, thunderstorm, sun rays, moon's glow, stars, shooting stars, moving clouds, and more animations to provide an immersive weather experience.

⭐️ Accurate current conditions: Users can easily access accurate temperature and weather type information in real-time, ensuring they are well-prepared for the current weather conditions.

⭐️ Hourly forecast information: The app provides detailed hourly forecast information, allowing users to stay informed about the daily dynamics of the weather and plan their activities accordingly.

⭐️ Extreme weather alert: Users will receive severe and extreme weather warnings, enabling them to effectively prepare for any weather changes and ensure their safety.

⭐️ Comprehensive weather details: Along with temperature and clock information, the app also displays humidity, visibility, UV index, air pressure, wind speed, sunrise, and sunset data, providing users with a comprehensive overview of the weather.

⭐️ Global weather coverage: The app allows users to add global cities to their list and receive real-time local weather forecast information no matter where they are, making it a versatile tool for travelers.


With its realistic weather animations, accurate current conditions, hourly forecasts, extreme weather alerts, comprehensive weather details, and global coverage, this app is a must-have for anyone who wants to stay informed and prepared for weather changes. Additionally, Daily Weather offers attractive widget styles to enhance the appearance of the user's desktop, making it both functional and visually appealing. Download now to discover weather changes anytime, anywhere!


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    First thing this app showed me before even showing me the app or even the weather for today was a bloody add instant uninstall.
    2024-03-24 23:51:29
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    Nice to know about the day
    2024-03-24 21:30:33
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    Because in this app I cannot find my location
    2024-03-24 11:19:18
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    I like your weather app
    2024-03-24 07:55:11
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    Too much add..
    2024-03-22 22:41:27
  • avatar
    The app is so good and friendly
    2024-03-22 19:44:22