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SPEEDCHECK Internet Speed Test

5.5.3 for Android


Introducing Speedcheck Internet Speed Test, the ultimate app to quickly and accurately measure your internet performance. Trusted by millions of users worldwide, our app is independent and not affiliated with any internet service provider, ensuring unbiased results. With our advanced 10Gbps servers, we guarantee reliable speed readings for any type of connection, including 5G. You can even schedule automatic speed tests to continuously monitor your internet connection. Additionally, our app provides advanced Wi-Fi statistics to help optimize your network and diagnose any issues. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, Speedcheck makes internet speed testing simple and informative. Download now for the best internet speed testing experience.

Features of SPEEDCHECK Internet Speed Test:

* Accurate internet speed test: Quickly check your internet connection and measure your internet performance with the most accurate test trusted by millions of users worldwide on Android, web, and iOS.

* Independent tool: Not affiliated with any internet service provider, ensuring an unbiased assessment of your internet connection. Use the test results to hold your provider accountable.

* Reliable worldwide performance: Testing network of high-performance 10Gbps servers ensures fast and accurate speed readings, even for the fastest internet connections. Ready for 5G speed tests.

* Scheduled speed tests: Set up periodic speed tests to monitor your internet connection and speed continuously. Stay informed about any changes in performance.

* Works with any type of connection: Use the app as an internet speed meter to analyze cellular connections (5G, LTE, 4G, 3G) or as a WiFi analyzer to test WiFi hotspots. Suitable for various connection types from DSL to satellite.

* Advanced tools for WiFi networks: Activate advanced WiFi statistics to measure the actual WiFi connection speed. Diagnose network issues and optimize the placement of routers for better performance.


Download Speedcheck Internet Speed Test for the best, easiest, and most reliable way to assess your internet connection and monitor its quality and performance. This independent app offers accurate test results, scheduled speed tests, and advanced tools for diagnosis, optimization, and accountability. Whether you're using cellular or WiFi connections, this app works with any type of connection. Join millions of satisfied users worldwide and take control of your internet experience. Remove all ads forever by tapping 7x on the picture in the settings. Contact our team at [email protected] for any assistance or feedback.


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    This app is more accurate than the provider apps. The readings were spot on with the technicians, even though the service providers apps looked like they were better than what they were.
    2024-03-24 13:17:29
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    Just pay to remove ads it's 2.50 if you can pay the crooks of a ISP then we can pay these people a one time fee to help us out. Now to the app (ad free version) it's awesome I have gigabyte speeds here and speed tests have me salivating on the in speed but I'm fighting them on my wifi speeds cause they are horrible. With this you can prove what your getting over a period of time.
    2024-03-24 05:49:22
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    Update: Review is going from 5 stars to 1. Newest version of the app runs in the background even when permission is denied by Android OS. I can't seem to find a solution, so it time to find a new app. Original review: I use it all the time to test my personal networks and the public networks that my work provides. Consistent and reliable.
    2024-03-23 06:15:10
  • avatar
    Too many damn ads and then they want you to buy it
    2024-03-22 10:41:03
  • avatar
    Nice little app, I'm very new to this so my review may be altered if anything here isn't correct, but this appy gives you years of history numerically & graphically, of times & locations that affect your connection. It also includes details of how, what, when, where & why your wifi/connection behaviour changes; speeding up & slowing down. $3 bucks to removes ads, etc. So this is an incredibly affordable jobby, and if & when apps are handy & helpful, the price is very right! So... C'mon Down!!!
    2024-03-22 02:06:15
  • avatar
    Spoke with the developers back in November of 2019 after they had added updated screenshots of the new app layout. They initially told me they would have the update out in 2 weeks moving to the new look....that then changed to end of year 2019, and here we are in May of 2020, they still have the screenshots of the new look app, but it's still the old design. More than one bug fix update since last year, but still no new look. It doesn't take this long to give the app a new look...1 star
    2024-03-22 01:33:26