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6.4.129 for Android


Yokee Karaoke is the ultimate karaoke app for all the singing enthusiasts out there. With an extensive collection of songs and genres, you can easily find the ones you love and start belting out your favorite tunes. The app provides accurate lyrics that follow the rhythm of the songs, ensuring a seamless and immersive singing experience. But that's not all, once you've recorded your impressive performance, you can take advantage of the app's editing features to enhance your vocals and make your voice shine. Plus, the feed section allows you to discover other users' impressive performances and find new songs to add to your repertoire. And when you're ready to share your masterpiece, you can easily send it to your friends or post it on your favorite social media platforms. With Yokee Karaoke, the possibilities are endless, and your love for music will only grow stronger.

Features of Yokee Karaoke:

❤️ Impressive singing and editing features:The appoffers advanced features for singing and editing, allowing users to enhance their performances and create high-quality recordings.

❤️ Quick song search and selection: Users can easily find their desired songs and genres, enabling them to start performing without any hassle.

❤️ Comprehensive editing options: The app provides various editing features, allowing users to fine-tune their recordings and make their voices clearer for a more impressive production.

❤️ Discover new songs and performances: Users can explore the feed section to find impressive performances by other users and discover new songs to sing.

❤️ Easy sharing with friends: The app allows users to share their music easily with their friends, either within the app or through various social media platforms.

❤️ Extensive song library: Yokee Karaoke offers a diverse collection of songs, ensuring that users will always find the songs they want to sing.


with its impressive singing and editing features, quick song search, and comprehensive editing options, users can have a great singing experience and create high-quality recordings. Additionally, the app allows users to discover new songs and performances, and easily share their music with friends. With its extensive song library, Yokee Karaoke is a must-have app for anyone who loves music. Click here to download now and start your karaoke journey!


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    The quality is poor, the lyrics lag, the audio recording is too quiet compared to the music, the voice sync option doesn't work correctly, and the app is very basic. Not impressed. I didn't pay for anything. I was testing to see how it compared to Smule. Smule isn't perfect, but the quality and syncing is much better.
    2024-03-23 23:24:38
  • avatar
    It is laggy glitchy and has bugs. Pls fix. I can't even start a song without the app closing most times.
    2024-03-23 21:31:26
  • avatar
    First off, this app is not good because if you look at there images under the app I think it says that they have almost every song , how come two of the songs I PERSONNALY LOVE I Was here and Something just like this you don't have?!?!? Also the only song I could upload was my first song, as soon as I had done my second one, I tried to send it, nope I tried to save it, nope then I typed to press the x button, NOPE. All that showed up was the VIP option that was RIDICOUSLY EXPENSIVE. In the end I had to delete my recording. DONT BUY IT. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
    2024-03-23 08:50:13
  • avatar
    Not all the songs are there. It's showing unlimited songs but not. I searched for the song On my way but it shows "no results found". There are results from YouTube but if we record from YouTube it doesn't shows our recording. And we can only record 2-3 songs for free but after it shows upgrade to VIP. Atleast there must be 6-7 songs for free record.
    2024-03-23 08:13:08
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    Quite good! If I have any recommendation for you guys, I would love to say that you guys can give this app more luxurious design and some 3D clearly amd clarity icons for more impressive. And I think it will be great if we can put some tutorials for the first time touching for new users, it will make them feel impressive with your app! I actually like the symbol of the app ( micro picture ) but if you guys can sync this one with the other buttons inside the app, it will be a perfect one!
    2024-03-22 14:32:19
  • avatar
    This app is pretty good. It records your voice and all with the music and lyrics but sometimes it doesn't let you save it without paying, and the only way to exit the page is by deleting the recording. Pretty dissapointed. It also doesn't let you listen to the recording as well. Pls fix this and the app would be much better.
    2024-03-22 02:45:50