Oasis VPN

1.0 for Android


Introducing Oasis VPN, the ultimate VPN service that ensures unlimited, fast, and secure internet access. With the app, you can prevent anyone from tracking you and protect your privacy. What sets Oasis apart is its ability to support both IPv4 and IPv6 websites, making it compatible with the latest internet services. This dual-stack VPN ensures improved connection stability and speed. Additionally, the app offers a stealth feature that masks your VPN packets, allowing you to bypass internet restrictions imposed by certain countries. The app is user-friendly, requiring no registration, and uses leading encryption technology to safeguard your information. Experience the freedom of secure and seamless browsing with the app today!

Features of Oasis VPN:

❤ Dual Stack VPN Tunnel: Oasis VPN offers a dual stack VPN tunnel, allowing users to surf both IPv4 and IPv6 websites. With this feature, users can enjoy the benefits of both protocols and improve their connection stability and speed.

❤ Stealth VPN Technology: The app includes Stealth VPN functionality, also known as obfuscated VPN, which masks VPN packets to resemble normal web traffic. This feature enables users to bypass nationwide internet restrictions and use the full bandwidth without their ISP knowing they are using a VPN.

❤ No Registration Required: Unlike many other VPN services, the app does not require users to register. With just one simple step, users can access the most safe and fastest internet environment without any hassle.

❤ Leading Encryption Technology: Oasis VPN uses the highest level of encryption technology to ensure that all user information remains hidden and protected from throttling, hacker attacks, and other security risks.

❤ Fast Servers Worldwide: The app offers a wide range of stable servers located across the globe. Users can easily switch to the best quality servers in different regions with just one click, ensuring fast and reliable connections.

Tips for Users:

❤ Take Advantage of Dual Stack VPN: With Oasis VPN's dual stack VPN tunnel, make sure to explore and surf both IPv4 and IPv6 websites. This will enhance your browsing experience and allow you to access a wider range of content on the internet.

❤ Utilize Stealth VPN for Restricted Networks: When faced with internet restrictions or firewalls in certain countries, activate the stealth VPN feature. This will help you bypass restrictions and access the internet as if you were on an unrestricted network.

❤ Enjoy Privacy Without Registration: With Oasis VPN, no registration is required. Take advantage of this feature by enjoying a hassle-free and anonymous online experience. You can browse any page you want without worrying about your information being leaked.


Oasis VPN is a reliable and feature-rich VPN service that offers a range of benefits to its users. With its dual stack VPN tunnel, users can surf both IPv4 and IPv6 websites, improving connection stability and speed. The app's stealth VPN technology allows users to bypass internet restrictions and enjoy unrestricted access to content. Users can enjoy a safe and fast internet environment without the need for registration. With fast servers worldwide and leading encryption technology, the app ensures a smooth and secure browsing experience. Join the app now and experience the freedom and privacy it provides.


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