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Connecticut Lottery Scanner

2.10 for Android


Introducing the Connecticut Lottery Scanner app, a must-have for all lottery enthusiasts! With just a simple scan using your Android phone or tablet's camera, this app automatically checks your Connecticut lottery draw game tickets against the winning numbers for that drawing's date. It's quick and hassle-free, saving you the time and effort of manually checking your tickets. The app even allows you to save and organize your scanned tickets, generating emails for lottery pools and sorting tickets by date, game, or winnings. Upgrade to the pro version for unlimited scans and enjoy the convenience of staying up to date with all supported lottery games. Unfortunately, this app does not work for scratch tickets or tickets purchased outside of Connecticut. Download the Connecticut Lottery Scanner app now and make checking your lottery tickets a breeze!

Features of Connecticut Lottery Scanner:

> Scan and Check: The app allows users to easily check their Connecticut lottery draw game tickets by simply scanning them with the camera on their Android phone or tablet. No more manual checking or going to a retailer to verify your ticket.

> Instant Results: This app compares the scanned ticket to the winning numbers for that specific drawing date and instantly shows if the user has a winning ticket. Users no longer have to wait for the lottery results to be posted or announced.

> Free and Upgradable: Users can scan a few tickets for free every day. If they want to scan more tickets, they have the option to upgrade to the paid pro version, which grants unlimited scans for all supported lottery games. This gives users flexibility and convenience.

> Notifications and Notifications: The app can be set to notify the users for any results or just for winners. Users can choose their preference and stay informed without any hassle. They can also turn off all notifications if they prefer.

> Lottery Pool Management: This app is a must-have for anyone running a Connecticut lottery pool. Users can save all their tickets to their phone and the app will generate an email that can be sent to everyone in the pool. This eliminates the need for manual copying and distribution of tickets.


> Can I use this app for scratch tickets?

No, this app does not work for scratch tickets. It only works for Connecticut lottery draw game tickets.

> Can I use this app for tickets purchased outside of Connecticut?

No, this app is specifically designed for Connecticut lottery tickets only.

> How does the app calculate my winnings?

The app scans the 2D barcode on the ticket, looks up the winning numbers for that drawing, and estimates the user's winnings based on the matching numbers. Matching numbers are highlighted with color, and winning combinations are animated for easy identification.


The Connecticut Lottery Scanner app is a convenient and efficient tool for checking lottery tickets. With its easy-to-use scanning feature, users can instantly compare their tickets to the winning numbers. The app offers free daily scans and the option to upgrade for unlimited scans, providing flexibility to users. The notification feature keeps users informed about their results. Additionally, the app is a valuable resource for managing lottery pools, saving time and effort for participants. However, it's important to note that the app is limited to Connecticut draw game tickets and doesn't work for scratch-off tickets or tickets purchased outside of Connecticut.


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