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Have you ever come across a mind-blowing photo on the web, but couldn't fully trust your own eyes? Say no more! Introducing FotoForensics - the ultimate app that puts your suspicions to rest. With an array of powerful tools and training, this app specializes in digital picture analysis. It goes beyond the surface, delving into the intricate details of an image to determine its authenticity. Using error level analysis, metadata, and tutorials, FotoForensics compares different compression levels to unveil any modification and detect potential forgery. While not foolproof, this innovative app uncovers hidden alterations that may have been made to deceive your eyes.

Features of FotoForensics:

Image Analysis Tools: FotoForensics offers a range of tools for digital picture analysis, enabling users to examine various aspects of an image.

Error Level Analysis: One of the key features of the app is its ability to perform Error Level Analysis. This analysis helps determine if a photograph has been manipulated or forged by comparing different compression levels.

Metadata Analysis: The app allows users to access and analyze the metadata of an image. This can provide valuable information about the origin and authenticity of the photo.

Tutorials: FotoForensics provides comprehensive tutorials to help users learn and navigate the process of digital picture analysis. These tutorials ensure that even beginners can utilize the app effectively.

Image Modification Percentage: By employing computational algorithms, the app calculates the percentage of image modification. This helps users identify the extent to which a photo has been altered.

Comprehensive Analysis: While Error Level Analysis is not foolproof, FotoForensics considers multiple photo attributes for a comprehensive analysis. By examining various factors such as color, brightness, contrast, and high-frequency decomposition, the app enhances its accuracy in detecting fake photos.


With FotoForensics, you can uncover the truth behind stunning yet suspicious images. By utilizing powerful tools like Error Level Analysis and metadata examination, the app empowers users to determine the authenticity of photos. Accessible tutorials provide a smooth experience for all users, regardless of their expertise. Download now to ensure your online encounters are backed by genuine visuals.


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