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9.2.02 for Android

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Elevate your riding experience with Polaris Ride Command, the ultimate app for Off-Road and Snowmobile enthusiasts. This app is designed to enhance your year-round adventures by providing over 300,000 miles of trails and a groundbreaking group ride capability. Join or create a ride group to easily locate your friends on the map and assign a leader to follow their path. Capture your best rides by recording them and reliving the experience whenever you want. With Ride Command, you can also explore new areas, find places to stop, and add waypoints to save locations. Download offline map regions for remote areas and pair the app with your Ride Command display for the best experience. Get ready to unleash the full power of Ride Command and take your riding to new heights!

Features of Polaris Ride Command:

Endless Adventures: Polaris Ride Command offers over 000 miles of trails for off-road and snowmobile enthusiasts. With such a vast selection, there are endless opportunities to explore and discover new areas to ride.

Group Ride Capability: The revolutionary group ride capability allows users to create or join ride groups and see friends on the map. By assigning a friend as the leader, riders can easily follow in their path and stay together during the adventure.

Ride Recording: Users can record their rides and relive the experience later. This feature is not only great for personal enjoyment but also for sharing with friends and fellow riders.

Vehicle Management: Registering your vehicles on the app allows you to easily keep track of maintenance schedules and ensure your rides are always in top shape.


Can I use Polaris Ride Command without an internet connection?

- Yes, you can download offline map regions for use in remote areas where there is no internet connectivity.

Does Ride Command drain my phone's battery?

- It is important to note that continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life. We recommend using Ride Command with a power source to prevent any inconvenience during your rides.

What happens if I lose cellular signal during a group ride?

- If cellular signal is lost, Ride Command will show the last known location of riders in your group until signal is established again. This ensures you can easily regroup with your friends even in areas with weak or no signal.


Polaris Ride Command is the optimal app for off-road and snowmobile enthusiasts. With its extensive trail database, group ride capability, ride recording feature, and vehicle management tools, it offers a complete package for enhancing your riding experience. Whether you want to explore new areas, stay connected with friends, or simply keep track of your rides and maintenance, this app has you covered. Download Polaris Ride Command and elevate your ride to a whole new level.


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