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WeTransfer : File Transfer

2.4.9 for Android


Introducing WeTransfer : File Transfer, the ultimate file transfer app designed to make sharing large files a breeze. Say goodbye to file size limits and hello to effortless sending. Whether it's presentations, documents, spreadsheets, or multimedia files, the app allows you to send files of any size without breaking a sweat. But that's not all - preserve the brilliance of your videos and the full resolution of your photos with our app. Your recipients can enjoy your content as intended, without compromising on quality. With the app, you can trust that your files' metadata will remain intact and enjoy a streamlined user experience with our intuitive interface. Choose efficiency, quality assurance, convenience, and simplicity with the app.

Features of WeTransfer : File Transfer:

Seamless File Transfer: WeTransfer : File Transfer allows you to send large files effortlessly, without the frustration of file size limits. Whether it's presentations, spreadsheets, documents, PDFs, or multimedia files, you can easily share them with the app.

Original Video Quality: With the app, you can preserve the brilliance of your videos. The app ensures that your videos retain their original quality during the transfer process, so your recipients can edit or enjoy them as intended. Videographers trust the app to share their work in the highest quality format.

Full-Resolution Photo Sharing: WeTransfer : File Transfer understands that photos capture moments that matter. That's why the app ensures they're shared in their full native file size and original resolution. Whether you're a professional photographer sharing your work or sharing personal memories with loved ones, you can do so without compromising on quality.

Intact File Metadata: Details matter, and the app understands that. The app ensures that your files' metadata remains intact throughout the transfer process. This means no loss of information about which camera was used to record a photo or where the photo was taken, among other relevant details that maintain the file's quality.

Tips for Users:

Use the app for Work: Sending work-related documents, presentations, and spreadsheets becomes effortless with the app. You no longer have to worry about file size limits or compromising on quality. Focus on your work, while the app takes care of the file transfer process.

Share High-Quality Videos: If you're a videographer or simply someone who wants to share videos in their original quality, WeTransfer : File Transfer is the perfect app for you. Ensure that your recipients get to experience your videos as intended, with no loss of visual fidelity or resolution.

Share Memories with Loved Ones: Whether it's a family vacation or a special event, share your memories with loved ones using WeTransfer : File Transfer. The app allows you to share photos in their full resolution, so your loved ones can experience the moments as if they were there.

Maintain File Integrity: The app's ability to keep file metadata intact is especially useful for professionals who rely on this information. Maintain the quality and integrity of your files, ensuring that they are received as intended without any loss of important details.


WeTransfer : File Transfer offers a smooth and efficient way to send large files, share high-quality videos, and preserve the resolution of your photos. Its user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free experience for both senders and recipients, regardless of the type of device used. Whether you're a professional looking to share work-related documents or someone wanting to share cherished memories, the app simplifies the process and maintains the integrity of your files. Say goodbye to file size limits and compromised quality, and choose the app for a reliable and convenient file transfer solution.


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