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Relax Ocean: sleep sounds

6.8.3 for Android

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Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of the ocean with Relax Ocean: sleep sounds. Whether you're struggling to fall asleep, wanting to meditate, or needing to concentrate, this app has got you covered. Offering over 35 perfectly-looped sounds, including calm seas, tropical beaches, and even the reassuring sound of a lighthouse, this app will lull you into a state of relaxation and improve your sleep. With a timer system that gradually fades out the audio and the ability to use the app in the background or with other apps, you'll never have to worry about manually closing the app when you drift off. Say goodbye to insomnia and hello to a better night's sleep. Enhance your life and reclaim your inner peace with Relax Ocean: sleep sounds.

Features of Relax Ocean: sleep sounds:

- Relaxation and Sleep Aid: This app offers a collection of over 35 soothing ocean sounds to help users relax, sleep, meditate, concentrate, or alleviate problems with tinnitus. The calming sounds of the ocean have a beneficial effect on the body and mind, promoting relaxation and concentration.

- Timer System: The app allows users to set a timer, so they can fall asleep to the soothing sounds without having to worry about manually turning off the app. At the end of the set time, the sound fades gently and the application closes automatically.

- Customizable Experience: Users can choose from a variety of ocean sounds, including calm sea, tropical beach, stormy ocean, dolphins, and more. They also have control over the volume, allowing them to create the perfect ambiance for their relaxation or sleep needs.

- Background Usage: The app can be used in the background, allowing users to continue using their device or other apps while enjoying the soothing sounds of the ocean. It provides a seamless experience without interrupting other tasks.


- How does playing ocean sounds help with sleep and relaxation?

Playing calming ocean sounds helps create a soothing environment by masking external noises and promoting relaxation and concentration. It can also help block distractions, allowing users to fall asleep faster and enjoy a deeper sleep.

- Can I use the app with other apps or while my device's screen is turned off?

Yes, the app can be used with other apps, and the sounds will continue to play even when the screen is turned off. This allows users to multitask or conserve battery while still enjoying the relaxing sounds.

- Are there any in-app purchases?

Yes, there is a premium version available for purchase within the app. The premium version may offer additional features or a wider variety of ocean sounds.


Relax Ocean: sleep sounds is the perfect app for those seeking relaxation, better sleep, or a break from the noise of the external environment. With its extensive collection of soothing ocean sounds, customizable features, and the ability to use it in the background, this app offers an immersive and convenient experience. Say goodbye to insomnia and enjoy the benefits of a peaceful and rejuvenating journey with Relax Ocean: sleep sounds. Download the app now and transform your life with the power of ocean sounds.


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