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TextBehind CAMMP app is a revolutionary tool that brings convenience and efficiency to correctional institutions. With this app, correctional facilities can scan the TextBehind MOVE Code, gaining instant access to the sender's identification data. It allows institutions to view important information about the sender before processing their privileged mail, which is sent via postal service. This innovative app streamlines the process, ensuring that only authorized and verified individuals can communicate with inmates. With the TextBehind CAMMP app, correctional institutions can prioritize safety and security while providing a seamless experience for both inmates and their loved ones.

Features of TextBehind CAMMP:

❤ Seamless Identification Process: With the TextBehind CAMMP app, the correctional institution can effortlessly scan the TextBehind MOVE Code. This code reveals the sender's identification data, making it easier for the institution to process privileged mail sent via postal service. This streamlined identification process saves time and enhances efficiency.

❤ Increased Security: By scanning the TextBehind MOVE Code, the correctional institution can ensure that only authorized individuals have the ability to send privileged mail. This helps maintain the security of the institution and prevents unauthorized correspondence from entering the correctional facility. The app provides an additional layer of protection, giving both the institution and its inmates peace of mind.

❤ Enhanced Transparency: The TextBehind CAMMP app allows the correctional institution to display detailed identification data of the sender. This transparency ensures that all privileged mail is properly tracked and accounted for. Inmates can easily verify the legitimacy of the mail they receive, helping to foster trust and confidence in the system.


❤ Is the TextBehind CAMMP app compatible with all smartphones?

Yes, the app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, ensuring that correctional institutions can easily integrate it into their existing systems.

❤ Can the TextBehind MOVE Code be easily replicated or forged?

No, the TextBehind MOVE Code utilizes advanced encryption and security measures to prevent replication or forgery. This code is unique to each mail sent, providing a secure identification system.

❤ How long does it take to scan and process a TextBehind MOVE Code?

The scanning process is quick and efficient, taking only a few seconds to display the sender's identification data. The privileged mail processing time remains the same.


The TextBehind CAMMP app revolutionizes the way correctional institutions handle privileged mail. With its seamless identification process, increased security measures, and enhanced transparency, this app is a game-changer in the correctional facility industry. Inmates can feel assured that the mail they receive is legitimate, authorized, and properly tracked. The app's compatibility with both Android and iOS devices ensures easy integration into existing systems. By utilizing the TextBehind MOVE Code, correctional institutions can streamline their processes, save time, and enhance efficiency. Trust the app for a secure and transparent mail system within correctional institutions.


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