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English to minion Translator

3.3 for Android


Get ready for a hilarious and enchanting linguistic adventure with the English to minion Translator app! Unlock the hidden secrets of the adorable minion language by effortlessly converting any English text into their unique jargon, and vice versa. Amaze your friends by sharing quirky translations and watch their faces light up with laughter as they discover the true meaning behind those hilarious gibberish phrases. What's more, delve deeper into the world of minions and uncover a treasure trove of delightful Easter eggs that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. So, ready to join Bob, Stuart, and Kevin in the ultimate language extravaganza? Let's get translating!

Features of English to minion Translator:

⭐ Translate English to Minion Language:

This app allows users to translate any English text into the fun and quirky Minion language. It brings the joy of understanding and communicating in Minionese, adding a playful twist to everyday conversations.

⭐ Translate Minion Language to English:

Not only can you translate English to Minion language, but this app also lets you reverse the translation. No more confusion or guesswork - simply convert Minionese back to English and easily understand what your Minion-obsessed friends are saying.

⭐ Share Translations:

With this app, you can easily share your translated texts with friends and family. Spread the laughter and joy of Minion language as you share unique and funny translations. Let your loved ones decode the Minion language and have a good laugh together.

⭐ Discover Easter Eggs:

Uncover hidden surprises and Easter eggs within the app. Explore the world of Minions with delightful surprises and bonus features. Unlocking these Easter eggs adds an element of excitement and entertainment, making the experience even more enjoyable.


⭐ How accurate are the translations?

The translations provided by the app are designed to capture the essence and fun of Minion language. While they may not be a perfect match in terms of grammar, the translations manage to convey the main idea and keep the playful nature intact.

⭐ Can I use the app offline?

Yes, this app can be used offline. Once downloaded and installed, you can enjoy translating English to Minion language or vice versa without requiring an internet connection. Take the fun of Minions with you wherever you go.

⭐ Is it available for both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, this app is available for both Android and iOS users. Simply visit the respective app stores, search for the app, and download it for free. Enjoy translating into Minionese on your preferred device.


Unlock the whimsical world of Minions with the English to minion Translator app. Translate any text into the beloved Minion language and send hilarious messages to your friends. Share translations, uncover hidden surprises, and immerse yourself in the joy of Minions. This app provides a fun and entertaining way to add a touch of Minionese to your everyday conversations. Available for free and usable offline, it guarantees laughter and amusement anytime, anywhere. Download now and let the Minion language bring smiles to your face.


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