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Wishfinity Universal Wishlist

3.0.59 for Android

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Introducing Wishfinity Universal Wishlist, the ultimate app for creating and managing your wishlist. Say goodbye to unwanted presents and guessing what to gift your loved ones. With Wishfinity Universal Wishlist, you can create a master wish-list from all your favorite shops and easily share it with family, friends, and fans. No more managing multiple wish lists from different retailers - everything is centralized in one convenient shopping list. Plus, if you have wishes you don't want to share, simply keep them private. And if you're a content creator, Wishfinity Universal Wishlist is perfect for receiving private gifts and offers anonymous gifting options too. With thousands of stores in our online mall, you can find and collect merchandise from all your favorite brands. It's the perfect tool for creating your Christmas list, wedding registry, babylist, and so much more. And if you're looking to fundraise, Wishfinity Universal Wishlist can also be used for school, team, church, or charity wishlists. So start organizing your perfect wishlist and share it with your friends and followers today!

Features of Wishfinity Universal Wishlist:

❤ Universal Wishlist: Create a centralized shopping list by adding your favorite items from multiple shops.

❤ Share with Others: Easily share your wishlist with family, friends, and fans, allowing them to see and purchase your desired gifts.

❤ Private Wishes: Keep certain wishes private and only share the ones you want others to see.

❤ Payment Integration: Combine your PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App accounts into a single payment method, making it convenient to receive cash gifts.

Tips for Users:

❤ Use as a Gift Tracker: Keep track of gifts for special occasions like Valentine's Day or birthdays by using the wishlist as a gift tracker.

❤ Find Unique Gifts: Explore thousands of stores in the online mall to find unique and exciting merchandise for your wishlist.

❤ Fundraising Wishlist: Utilize the app for fundraising purposes and create wishlists for school, team, church, or charity events.


Wishfinity Universal Wishlist is the optimal wishlist app and gift registry, offering a range of features to make your gift shopping experience enjoyable and efficient. With the ability to create a universal wishlist, share it with others, and keep specific wishes private, you have full control over your desired gifts. The integration of multiple payment platforms makes receiving cash gifts smooth. Additionally, the app allows you to search for products in the virtual mall and easily organize them in your shopping cart. Whether you're shopping for yourself or others, Wishfinity Universal Wishlist is the perfect tool to make your wish shopping experience the best it can be.


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