Citra MMJ

1.0 for Android


Citra MMJ is the ultimate Android emulator that brings your favorite games to your phone! With compatibility for hundreds of games, you can finally play your childhood classics wherever you go. Not only does the app allow you to enjoy your favorite games on the go, but it also offers enhanced graphics options like resolution scaling and texture filtering, making the games look even better on high-end devices. The app supports external gamepads, allowing you to have a seamless gaming experience. Upgrade to Citra Premium for some incredible cosmetic features like the Dark theme and additional texture filtering options. Please note that the app does not include any games, so you'll need to legally dump your games to use with the app. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of gaming nostalgia and unlock the true potential of your Android device with the app!

Features of Citra MMJ:

Compatibility with hundreds of games: Citra MMJ supports a vast library of games, allowing you to relive your favorite classics and explore new titles on your Android device.

Enhanced graphics: The emulator offers features like resolution scaling and texture filtering, which can greatly improve the visual quality of games. While these features work best on high-end devices, they enhance the gaming experience across the board.

Support for external gamepads: Citra MMJ lets you connect external gamepads to your Android device, giving you a more immersive and tactile gaming experience.

Support for built-in features: The app supports various built-in features like the camera, microphone, and motion controls, allowing you to utilize these functionalities in games that rely on them.

Tips for Users:

Optimize your device: To make the most of the app's enhanced graphics, ensure that your device meets the recommended specifications. High-performance devices will offer the best gaming experience.

Configure your gamepad: If you're using an external gamepad, spend some time configuring the controls to your liking. This will make the gameplay more intuitive and enjoyable.

Experiment with settings: Citra MMJ provides several options for resolution scaling and texture filtering. Try different settings to find the perfect balance between visual quality and performance.


Citra MMJ is a remarkable emulator for Android that brings the joy of gaming to your phone. With compatibility for hundreds of games, enhanced graphics, support for external gamepads, and integration with built-in features, it offers a comprehensive gaming experience. By unlocking additional features through the Premium in-app purchase, you not only enhance your gaming experience but also support the hard work of the developers. Embrace nostalgia and explore new game titles by downloading the app today.


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