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With Fulldive VR, not only can you immerse yourself in a world of virtual reality, but you can also earn real money, bitcoin, ethereum, and other crypto currencies just by browsing VR. Imagine getting paid for doing what you love - listening to music, chatting, browsing, and even watching videos in virtual reality. And that's not all, with the app you can also earn gift cards and passive income on your inside VR. Discover a whole new way to experience VR with Fulldive.

Features of Fulldive VR:

* Earn money and cryptocurrency: Fulldive VR allows users to earn money, bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies just by browsing virtual reality content.

* Integration with Fulldive Browser: Users can also earn money for browsing the web through the Fulldive Browser, making it a comprehensive platform for earning rewards.

* Compatible with Cardboard and Daydream: Fulldive VR can be used with both Cardboard and Daydream devices, providing a wide range of virtual reality experiences.

* Access through Daydream app library: On Daydream, users can open the Fulldive app directly through the Daydream app library since clicking the icon is not an option.

* Variety of content: Fulldive VR offers over one million videos, 500 games, and thousands of 3D and 360 photos and videos in their VR Market, ensuring a diverse and immersive experience for users.

* Social platform: Fulldive VR is not just a content platform but also a social platform where users can follow their friends, react, comment, and share their favorite videos, enhancing the overall interactive experience.


Fulldive VR is the optimal social VR platform that allows users to earn money, cryptocurrency, and gift cards by simply enjoying their favorite virtual reality activities such as listening to music, chatting, browsing, and watching videos. With its compatibility with Cardboard and Daydream, extensive content library, and integration with the Fulldive Browser, this app offers a unique and rewarding VR experience. Join the app today and start making money and passive income while immersing yourself in virtual reality. Click here to download the app and begin your journey!


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