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Emisoras Unidas Honduras

6.8.14 for Android

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Introducing Emisoras Unidas Honduras, the groundbreaking interactive tool brought to you by the most important radio group in Honduras. This app allows you to connect with your favorite radio stations in a more personal way. You can participate in promotions and surveys, request music without making a call or using a computer. Instantly access information about the artist and the song playing on your chosen program. Send personalized messages with your camera, whether it's a selfie or a voice message, and let everyone inside the platform hear it in seconds. Leave greetings! Your favorite programs are now just a few seconds away. Let your voice be heard and participate like you've always wanted. With instant connectivity to your radio's social media, you won't miss a beat while listening to your favorite tunes. Don't get left behind!

Features of Emisoras Unidas Honduras:

⭐ Connect with your favorite radios: This app allows you to easily connect and listen to your preferred radio stations in Honduras.

⭐ Interactive tool: Unlike any other app in the country, this app provides an innovative and interactive tool that enhances your listening experience.

⭐ Participate in promotions and surveys: Get the chance to be a part of exciting promotions and surveys, giving you the opportunity to win prizes and share your opinions.

⭐ Request music effortlessly: With this app, you can request your favorite songs without the hassle of making a phone call or using a computer.

⭐ Instant access to artist and song information: Stay updated with instant information about the artist and the song currently playing on your preferred radio station.

⭐ Personalized messages: Share your thoughts and greetings by sending personalized messages through the app. You can use your camera to send selfies or send voice messages that can be heard by everyone in the platform within seconds.


This app from Emisoras Unidas Honduras offers a truly unique and personalized listening experience. With features like interactive tools, easy music requests, and the ability to send personalized messages, it takes your radio experience to a whole new level. Don't miss out on the instant connectivity to social media and your favorite radio stations while enjoying your music. Download the app now and let your voice be heard like never before.


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