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Create and manage your very own wish-list hassle-free with the free wish-list maker app from Things To Get Me. This handy tool allows you to add any item you desire, without being limited to specific stores or brands. And the best part? You can easily share your list with family and friends, so they can mark off the gifts they'll be getting you. No need to worry about privacy either - the app doesn't collect any personal information. Plus, if you choose to sign up, you can effortlessly manage multiple lists on different devices, including the user-friendly website. Start making your wishes come true seamlessly today!

Features of Things To Get Me:

Independent and Shop-Free: Things To Get Me is a free wish-list maker that allows you to add anything to your wish-list without being tied to any specific shops. This gives you the freedom to explore and choose from a wide variety of items from different sources.

Easy Sharing with Loved Ones: Once you have created your wish-list, you can easily share it with your family and friends. This makes it convenient for them to see what you desire and avoid any unwanted or duplicate gifts. They can simply tick off the items they will get you, ensuring that you receive exactly what you want.

No Sign-Up Required: Unlike many other wish-list apps, Things To Get Me does not require you to sign up. This allows you to quickly and easily create and share your wish-list without the hassle of creating an account and providing personal information.

Secure and Privacy-Focused: The app does not collect any personal information from you. However, if you do decide to sign up, you can enjoy the benefit of managing multiple lists on multiple devices, including on the Things To Get Me website. This ensures the security and privacy of your wish-lists.

Tips for Users:

Explore and Add Your Favorites: Take your time to browse through different shops and websites to discover items that you truly desire. From fashion to electronics, add everything that catches your eye to your wish-list.

Share Early and Clearly: To ensure that your loved ones have ample time to plan and purchase gifts, share your wish-list with them as early as possible. Make sure to clearly communicate your preferences and any specific details, such as sizes or colors, to avoid any confusion.

Regularly Update Your List: As your preferences and needs change, remember to update your wish-list accordingly. Remove items that you no longer desire and add new ones that capture your interest. This will help your family and friends stay up-to-date with your wishes.


Things To Get Me is the ultimate wish-list maker for everyone. With its independent and shop-free nature, you can explore a wide range of items and add them to your wish-list without any limitations. The easy sharing feature allows you to conveniently communicate your desires to your loved ones, and the option to sign up offers the added benefit of managing multiple lists across different devices. Start using Things To Get Me today and ensure that you receive the gifts you truly want and need.


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