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Accurate Barometer

2.2.15 for Android


Discover the secrets hidden within the skies with our Accurate Barometer app. Want to stay on top of atmospheric pressure? Look no further than our elegant analogical dial that presents your local pressure, reduced pressure to sea level as used by weather forecast services, pressure from the closest airport, and a handy 24-hour pressure chart. Whether you're an avid fisherman or simply fascinated by weather trends, this app is perfect for you. With features like sensor calibration, automatic pressure recording, and a variety of barometric units to choose from, you'll never be caught off guard. Please note, for devices without an integrated pressure sensor, only airport data is available.

Features of Accurate Barometer:

> Accurate Barometer: Get precise information about atmospheric pressure.

> Elegant Analogical Dial: Visualize the barometric data on a sophisticated and stylish dial.

> Comprehensive Pressure Data: View your local pressure, pressure reduced to mean sea level, and pressure from the nearest airport.

> 24-Hour Pressure Chart: Analyze the pressure trend over the past day with a convenient chart.

> Calibration Option: Fine-tune the sensor for even more accurate readings.

> Customizable Units: Choose from various barometric unit options like hPa, mbar, mmHg, inHg, or psi.

In conclusion, this App offers an accurate and elegant barometer that provides essential information about atmospheric pressure. Whether you're into fishing or simply interested in weather trends, this user-friendly and customizable App allows you to monitor local pressure, track pressure changes over time, and even calibrate the sensor for maximum accuracy. Download now to stay informed about the pressure in your surroundings.


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