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4.0.8 for Android


Introducing the AfvalWijzer App, your personal waste guide. Say goodbye to confusing waste calendars and hello to a convenient and easy way to track your waste collection. With this app, you can view your personalized waste calendar at any time, simply by entering your postcode and house number. Not only does the app provide you with a tailored waste overview, but it also offers tips on how to separate your waste effectively. Plus, you can even share your own waste separation tips with others. Stay informed with notifications that remind you of collection days, sent the night before or the morning of. Join the growing number of municipalities committed to sustainability and download the AfvalWijzer App today!

Features of AfvalWijzer:

- Personalized Waste Calendar: Easily view your personalized waste calendar at any time by entering your postcode and house number.

- Sustainable Living: Get tips on how to separate your waste effectively and make your living environment more sustainable.

- Notification Options: Choose to receive notifications the evening before or the morning of the collection day, keeping you informed about waste collection timings.

- Easy to Use: The app is user-friendly, making it simple for residents to access their waste information and find relevant details.

- Tip Sharing: Share your waste separation tips with others, contributing to a community of conscious waste management.

- Constant Updates: New municipalities regularly connect to the app, expanding the coverage and ensuring that more and more residents can benefit from its features.


The AfvalWijzer app is your personal waste guide, providing a crystal-clear overview of your waste at your address. It simplifies waste management by offering a personalized waste calendar, sustainable living tips, and convenient notification options. With its user-friendly interface and the ability to share your own waste separation tips, the app promotes a community-focused approach to waste management. Stay up to date with constant updates and continue contributing to a more sustainable living environment. Download the AfvalWijzer app today and start optimizing your waste management efforts.


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