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02.19.01 for Android


Mubeat is the ultimate app for K-pop enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive platform to keep up with your favorite artists. Stay in the loop with their latest music releases, whether it's videos or songs. However, the true gem of this app lies in its vibrant community. Show your unwavering support by voting for your favorite artists and connect with like-minded fans in dedicated communities. Dive into discussions on a wide range of music-related topics and make new K-pop friends. Additionally, Mubeat allows you to curate your own playlist of HD videos, easily shareable with friends. Experience an ad-free video platform, unlimited video downloads, and even connect it to your TV and other devices. Download this app today and immerse yourself in the K-pop world, sharing your love for music with fellow fans.

Features of Mubeat:

- Stay up to date with releases: The app keeps you informed about all the latest music released by your favorite K-pop artists. Whether it's videos or songs, you won't miss a single release.

- Sense of community: The app creates a sense of belonging by allowing you to vote and show support for your favorite artists. Your opinions matter and your voice will be heard.

- Join specific artist communities: Connect with other K-pop fans by joining communities dedicated to specific groups or singers. Discuss various music-related topics and meet like-minded individuals.

- Enjoy all-day K-pop music: With this app, you can indulge in your love for K-pop by listening to your favorite songs all day long. Watch videos in high definition and save them to your playlists.

- Share playlists with friends: Create playlists with your favorite K-pop videos and songs and easily share them with your friends. Spread the joy of music and let them enjoy the same ad-free experience.

- Connectivity to multiple devices: The app goes beyond just your phone. Connect it to your TV and other devices to enhance your K-pop experience. Enjoy unlimited video downloads and seamless connectivity.


Mubeat is a must-have app for any K-pop fan. It offers a unique platform that combines keeping you updated with all the latest music releases, fostering a sense of community, and providing an uninterrupted ad-free video experience. Additionally, you can connect it to various devices and share your favorite playlists with friends. Download this app today and join a vibrant community of K-pop enthusiasts who share your love for music. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with other fans and fully immerse yourself in the world of K-pop.


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