SODA - Natural Beauty Camera APK

SODA - Natural Beauty Camera

7.4.11 for Android


Introducing SODA - Natural Beauty Camera, the ultimate selfie camera that will revolutionize your photos. With a perfect combination of filters and makeup, you no longer have to worry about which ones to use. Capture trendy styles effortlessly with just one touch. Say goodbye to editing, as Soda applies beauty effects in real time, giving you flawless skin and natural beauty. With a diverse selection of color filters optimized for selfies, you can capture various moods and experiment with different looks. Take your photos from ordinary to extraordinary with the Portrait effect, allowing you to adjust focus and create something marvelous. Plus, with high resolution mode, your selfies will always have exceptional image quality. So why settle for ordinary selfies when you can have extraordinary ones with Soda? Give it a try now!

Features of SODA - Natural Beauty Camera:

⭐️ Filters and Makeup Combination: No more confusion about which makeup and filter to use. The app provides the perfect combination of filters and makeup to capture trendy styles with just one touch.

⭐️ Real-time Beauty Effects: Say goodbye to editing! The app applies blemish-free skin touch-ups and natural beauty effects in real time, ensuring that you take the perfect selfie from the first shot.

⭐️ Diverse Selection of Color Filters: Explore a variety of filters that are optimized for selfies. Choose the ones that best match your skin tone and capture different moods with ease.

⭐️ Portrait Effect: Transform your ordinary photos into extraordinary ones by using the Portrait effect. Simply tap on any area of the photo to adjust its focus and create stunning visuals.

⭐️ High Resolution Mode: Don't settle for subpar image quality. The app offers a high resolution mode to ensure that your selfies are crystal clear and exceptional.


With its seamless combination of filters and makeup, you can effortlessly capture trendy styles with just a single touch. The real-time beauty effects eliminate the need for post-editing, making your selfies flawless from the start. SODA - Natural Beauty Camera also offers a diverse selection of color filters, allowing you to showcase different moods and match your skin tone perfectly. Additionally, the Portrait effect enables you to take your photos from ordinary to extraordinary by adjusting the focus with a simple tap. Lastly, the high resolution mode ensures exceptional image quality, making your selfies stand out. Don't wait any longer - download SODA - Natural Beauty Camera now and enhance your selfie game!


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