Rebtel: Call, Top-Up, Transfer APK

Rebtel: Call, Top-Up, Transfer

6.32.0 for Android


Stay connected across borders with Rebtel: Call, Top-Up, Transfer app for online calling, mobile top-ups, and money transfers. No more worrying about running out of airtime or data when you need it most. With Rebtel, you can call any number in the world at the best rates on the market, with no hidden fees or hassle. Send mobile recharge to over 140 countries and make quick and secure money transfers to support your loved ones. Plus, with the Tell a Friend program, you and your friends can get free credit to start using Rebtel together. Download the app now and experience true connectivity without the stress.

Features of Rebtel: Call, Top-Up, Transfer:

* Global Calling: Call any number in the world, whether it's a landline or mobile, with premium-quality international calling. Enjoy the best quality at the best price, with no internet needed for certain countries.

* Mobile Top-Up: Easily recharge your airtime or bundle and send it to your friends and family back home. You can send top-ups to over 140 countries, with quick delivery and transparent prices.

* Money Transfer: Seamlessly transfer money to selected countries with competitive exchange rates and safe delivery. Support your loved ones when they need it most, without any extra fees.

* Convenient and Secure: This app offers 100% secure online transactions, ensuring the safety of your money and personal information.

* Free App Download: Downloading the Rebtel: Call, Top-Up, Transfer app is absolutely free, allowing you to access its features without any upfront costs.

* Rewards Program: Invite your friends to try Rebtel through the Tell a Friend feature, and both of you will receive free credits to start using the app together.

In conclusion, Rebtel is a comprehensive app that not only offers international calling at affordable rates, but also provides convenient features like mobile top-ups and money transfers. With its user-friendly interface and secure transactions, Rebtel is the perfect solution for staying connected with friends and family across borders. 


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    Wow. This app is a deal-breaker. I could not just believe how smooth it was when I was testing it out. Also, it's very cheap compared to the local telcos' rates. Though, it's missing three features: time of call and duration of the call in the call history as well as call recording functionality. Kudos. Downside is that it's not working with all the telcos but MTN and Glo in the case of Nigeria
    2024-03-24 23:55:31
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    Tested and installed on my mother's phone for a trip outside of the US. She has free Wi-Fi onboard ship, and with all calls to the US free over Wi-Fi, this sounded like a great option. It is! As a cruise planner who is often onboard and away from home, she always had to temporarily add an international option to her plan. Rates were outrageous and she was always rushed. Now she doesn't have to worry about it. This app does exactly what it says, and if you are placing Wi-Fi calls to the US... There is no better choice.
    2024-03-24 22:54:08
  • avatar
    It was working well, now keeps bringing me back to activation page and logging me out all the time.
    2024-03-24 21:46:57
  • avatar
    Calls do connect more often than not and I get a clear enough experience on calls, however, there is no real tracking of minutes. I have had a few calls that do not connect for some reason or the other, that last no more than 9 seconds at any given time, yet still, that is a whole minute lost. Three 9 second calls that did not connect, amount to 3 minutes as if the calls had indeed connected. Makes no sense!! I do like their $1 trial for 20 minutes, that is VERY COMMENDABLE.
    2024-03-23 04:34:35
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    This App used to be the best but now it is so hard to use. It does not have menu any more. To find the contacts list is an uphill battle. The local numbers that it generated to make international calls cheap, no longer work. I don't know if Rebtel sees its competitors such as Boss Revolution etc. They make life easier for their customers with cheaper rates and easy-to-use dashboards.
    2024-03-23 01:47:22
  • avatar
    I don't know why it's logged out me by itself and i try to fix still doesn't accepted even i did uninstalled and re installed still same can you guys telling me what is the roblem
    2024-03-22 11:39:25