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Manage your trip expenses on your smartphone and save time for yourself.
This business trip expense Manager simplifies recording the expenses during a business trip. You master the bulk of receipts and you report the costs to your employer for reimbursement accurately. Innovative bosses are satisfied that you are using such an effective way of tracking your expenses. You are now not exposed to boring administrative tasks and you are able to use your vulnerable time for your inspirations.
My first trip:
1. Add your trip details via the menu . This details can be shared to administrative staff via email.
2. Create a new receipt inside each trip by pressing .
3. Long pressing a trip controls additional menu items (delete, sort, sending a PDF report).
4. Finally, mail the PDF report of your trip to your administrative staff. The PDF is generated based on the trip data!
★ Add trip data to plan your trip
★ Effective tracing of your receipts with picture for multiple trips
★ Use pictures from your gallery or camera app, as well as PDF-files
★ PDF report of the trip
★ Currency selection and exchange rate transformation
★ Categorize your expenses

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