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Money Lover: Expense Manager & Budget Tracker for Android
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Award-winning Personal Finance Management App
★ Best of 2017 Android App
★ Google Top Developer
★ Editors' Choice App since 2016
📌Feel depressed every time think about your finances?
📌Looking for a money manager app to simply track your daily spending & understand your behavior?
📌Need to reduce total expenses to save more for rainy days?
📌Need to better control your credit card or pay off debts?
🎉If that, Money Lover is the best option for solving all your matters. It's an all-in-one financial management app, including tracking, budgeting, reporting and planning.
🙋It has been proven. Money Lover was developed by a group of millennials to first solve their money management & budgeting issues. After earning and spending almost all of our first salaries, we realized that there needed to be a convenient tool to see where our money was going and how we could spend it better.
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 We did it, so do you!!!!!

Money Management
: It is the starting stage to track personal finance including expenses and incomes quickly by specific categories (food, fuel,..) in whatever devices (phone, laptop,..). Enter the amount, pick a category, select date. That’s all!

: You can budget specifically all your spending habits with a Financial report. It shows a big financial picture includes all spending, income by date (daily, weekly..) or group (Food & Beverage or Shopping..)

: Thanks to budgeting, you now have a finance assistant. It will alert if you spend close to the budget limit and give daily budget advice. You can set a weekly budget, monthly budget & more depending on demand. So, you can reduce total expenses & never overspend again.

Forecast Budget
: It helps you adjust your spending quickly, then, predicts total expenses based on your history.

Goal Wallet
: Creating goal planning not only helps you track saving progress with piggy bank concept but also motivates you to build saving habits. Make everything as your expectation!!!

Credit Card Wallet
: Relieve stress and anxiety with credit wallet. You will receive a reminder
when repayments are due to keep a good credit score & avoid late-payment fees. Update your payment to start over in a new billing cycle. It’s easy!

Bill & Recurring transaction
: Bills are coming. Don’t worry. Keep all in one place. Get the reminder and stay on top of bills!

Tag for transactions
: Easily search for old records and get a report for a group of transactions under a tag. Just assign a transaction with any tag you want!

Linked Wallet
: Free your hand. Every transaction history & account balance is updated automatically when linking your online banking with Money Lover. It has a free trial now!!!
Note: We support 17 countries and 150+ banks worldwide. Please go to
Connect to bank
and check the availability of your bank.
✌ For more convenience when using the app, we build a small personal finance ecosystem. It includes features you may need but never expected before.
- Find ATM
- Modify category
- Track debt & repayment
- Debt management
- Build-in calculator
- Currency Converter
- Icon packs for specific categories
- Data sync
🙆 We hope this money management app helps you better improve your financial health day by day and archive your specific personal goals.
💁 Be a wise spender with Power from Premium features:
✔ Unlimited number of specific budgets
✔ Tracking different incomes
✔ Create goal wallet
✔ Create saving wallet
✔ Create pay off debt plan
✔ Create credit wallet
✔ Export to CSV, Excel for customization and different purpose
✔ Picture attachment
✔ Ad-free
🤜 You deserve to experience the Premium version! 🤛

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New update!
A new and shiny logo for Money Lover's 10 years birthday!!! *Clapping sounds*
A new feature to celebrate our 10 year friendship is waiting for you to "Discover" and share. If you want to know how long we have known each other or what your nickname is based on your spending habits then update now!!!
We wish all of our Money-ers a happy and healthy New year. We hope that you will stay with Money Lover in the next decade!


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  • Money Lover: Expense Manager & Budget Tracker
    Money Lover: Expense Manager & Budget Tracker
  • Money Lover: Expense Manager & Budget Tracker
    Money Lover: Expense Manager & Budget Tracker
  • Money Lover: Expense Manager & Budget Tracker
    Money Lover: Expense Manager & Budget Tracker
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    Bad after updating the app does not write to numbers
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    بحذفة لانه لايدعم اللغة العربية
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    Your app is great ..but we need our language "Arabic " on there .. don't forget we are half billion arabic speakers on the world
    2020-07-29 01:52
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    You are losing a lot of users, because the Arabic language is not supported
    2020-07-28 10:28
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    لماذا.. لماذا لماذا.. بلا اللغة العربية... جاري الحذف وشكرا
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