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FeeCalc (the app formerly known as PayPal Calculator) is a simple but effective way for you to quickly, easily and accurately calculate the fee you will be charged for your PayPal transactions.
The reverse mode also allows you to calculate the total you should request in order to receive the amount you want, after fees.
Please Note:
I have made this app available to download in any country,
I am only able to include rates for countries and currencies that PayPal "officially" supports - i.e. Countries where no currency conversion is required. This is because PayPal do not publish the currency exchange rates that they use for transactions.
e.g. I cannot include India until PayPal start to allow transactions in Rupees (so please stop leaving negative reviews!)
* Standard & Reverse Mode
* Up-to-date and uses the latest PayPal fees
* Supports over 25 countries (Tip: Spain is in Europe!)
* Ability to enter a custom rate
* On-the-fly calculations
* Copy result to clipboard
* Localised PayPal help
* Personal accounts supported
* Follows Android Design guidelines
* Ad-Supported
** As far as I am aware the app is extremely accurate. However, if you feel this is not the case, then please send me an email with an example and I will get it fixed.
* Please get in touch if you'd like to provide a translation for your native language.
Follow me on Twitter @SPECTRL for updates on the app, as well as other random thoughts!
If you find this app useful, please take the time to leave a rating / review.
If you have any feature requests or design ideas regarding this app, please contact me at
and I will do my best to provide any improvements. Any feedback welcome.
For any other queries, please email
This application and its author are in no way affiliated with PayPal.
All brands, trademarks, and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.
All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2013-2014 SPECTRL

تحديث FeeCalc 1.4.3

Version 1.4.3:
* Added clipboard auto-copy setting
* Updated AdMob
Version 1.4.1:
* Re-brand (formerly known as PayPal Calculator)
* Updated fees
- Added Russia
* Better crash reporting
Version 1.3.2:
* Fixed Poland crash
Version 1.3:
* Updated fees – correct as of 11/10/12
* Improved Nexus 7 layout
* UX Improvements
Version 1.2:
* Auto-Copy Calculation
- The calculation result is copied to the clipboard, ready for pasting.


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