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Designed by doctors, used by millions, Healthily is the free, award-winning self-care app that helps you look after you every day. Manage 100s of conditions, check your symptoms, track your progress and much more.
From deciding when to see a doctor, to making small changes to feel better every day, Healthily brings you the tools you need for self-care, wherever you are.
Talk to our friendly chatbot about your symptoms, browse our world-class health library and use our journal and trackers to look after your health with confidence.
From coronavirus to mental health, we’ve got you covered
We help you find self-care information on a huge range of health conditions including:
• Coronavirus (Covid-19)
• Cold and flu
• Sore throat
• Headaches
• Back pain
• Sexual health
• Sleep and tiredness
• Anxiety and depression
How to use Healthily
Understand your health, take action and build healthier habits, step by step.
ASSESS: Talk to our friendly chatbot to check your health.
LEARN: Get trusted information from our world-class health library.
TRACK: See what’s working with our health journal and trackers.
FIND: Find vetted products and services in our OneStop Health™ marketplace.
DISCUSS: Connect with people with similar experiences.
MANAGE: Look after specific issues with our dedicated hubs.
We bring together everything you need for self-care, during the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak and beyond.
Here’s what people are saying about Healthily
“This is the best app I ever installed”
- @Emanuel Tănasă, Google Play
“Very accurate and always on point with information”
- @Jesseina Torres, Google Play
“This is like carrying a personal doctor in your pocket”
- @Rising Sun, Google Play
“The best health app so far”
- @Likando Ilishebo, Google Play
“Love this app and especially the journal”
- @Sondre Eftedal Blom, Google Play
Join millions of people already using Healthily, the self-care app.
Your safety is our top priority
As your self-care app, we take your security seriously. Our chatbot, health tracker and journal have the ePrivacy seal of approval, so you can be confident your data is private and protected.
All our health and self-care content is reviewed and approved by our team of in-house doctors. Our Clinical Advisory Board, made up of world-renowned medical experts, supervise this process.
Healthily is classified as a Class I Medical Device registered with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and is CE accredited, which means that our services comply with European Union Medical Device legislation.
If you’re generally healthy and don’t suffer from any chronic or rare medical conditions, we can help identify less serious conditions that you can manage yourself and guide you on whether to see a doctor. Healthily cannot consider all the information a doctor can and is not able to identify all conditions or symptoms. Healthily does not provide diagnosis or medical advice.
Healthily cannot be used for information about babies, children aged 15 and younger, pregnant women, people on immunosuppressive treatment, and people with complex or long-term conditions.
For more information read
Healthily Terms of Service and
Safe Use Instructions

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