Battery Saver - Clean & Boost

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Battery Saver - Clean & Boost is a handy tool that helps you easily manage and control the use of your battery, thus extending its life. With this tool, you can set a setting to stop the processes that consume the most energy and scrape a few extra hours of battery power.
No matter in what situation, no matter who you are. Battery Saver - Clean & Boost will always find the best solution for you.
Battery Saver provides three types of modes to save your battery when it runs low:
1. Saving Mode (suggested to use in lowest Battery Status)
2. Sleep Mode (suggested to use when you sleep)
3. Customized Mode
• Easy to use
• Free to use
• Turn On/Off Wifi
• Switch On/Off Mobile Data
• Turn On/Off GPS
• Switch On/Off Bluetooth
• Switch On/Off Airplan (Flight) Mode
• Managing the screen timeout of your device
• Managing the brightness of your device
• Specially: provides notification when your device battery goes down
This Battery Saver app is localized for the following languages:
✔ English
✔ German
✔ French
✔ Spanish
✔ Italian
✔ Japanese
✔ Korean
✔ Dutch
✔ Portuguese
✔ Russian
✔ Thai
✔ Chinese

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