Beamshield installation guide

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The quick and easy installation guide for Beamshield™ Plus ground floor insulation system.
Beamshield™ Plus units are an ideal alternative to traditional concrete blocks, fitting between and below concrete T beams to provide both the total floor insulation and a formwork on which to lay the structural concrete topping.
The shape of the panels has been carefully developed to minimise thermal bridging at the T Beams;
when installed, Springvale Beamshield™ Plus panels form an unbroken layer of insulation below the beams.
Superior Performance…
Lifetime Performance
EPS units will maintain their performance for the lifetime
of the building and beyond
Thermal Performance
Outstanding thermal performance with U Values
Units manufactured to suit any beam size and configuration
to aid design
BBA Approval & CE Marking
BBA Certificate No. 07/4411. CE Marked to BS EN15037-4:2010

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