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Green Power
* The world's first recognizable butterfly app *
Hong Kong is a "Butterfly Paradise", there are more than 260 kinds of butterflies, points 11 families. Each butterfly different attitude. The party
Then the app, just three steps, you can identify the main Hong Kong butterflies.
In addition to simple and convenient features distinguish butterflies, this app also provides:
Atlas Butterfly Atlas -180 species common in Hong Kong
-Q Version of the game Butterfly Day Day reservoir butterfly interchangeable gift
App sponsored by the "Green Power" and "Shell Hong Kong Limited", "Shell Green Fun Tours - Looking Butterfly" gives you.
* The World's First Butterfly Identification App *
Hong Kong is home to more than 260 butterfly species, which belong to 11 families.
Using this convenient software you can identify the main Hong Kong butterflies in 3 simples steps.
In addition to the easy-to-use butterfly identification function, the software includes:
Field Guide - 160 Local Common Butterflies Field Guide
Game - Cartoon butterflies given to you daily; collect butterflies to redeem
App brought to you by "Shell Nature Watch- Butterfly Explorer" programme, co-organized by Green Power & Shell Hong Kong Limited.

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