Cashflow Manager

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1. Enter and track daily expenses in very few touches.
2. Categorizes your incomes and expenses by Accounts and Categories.
3. Account or category wise transactions list.
4. Simple ways to Transfer between accounts and Reverse transactions which will reflect real time happens.
5. User friendly Material design UI.
6. Features to see reports and export your transactions to csv
7. Dashboard will let you view your current month expenses in a graphical way. Also you can compare with budgets which is allowed to create against each category.
8. Dashboard (app's home page) will also provide you quick accounts summary with its closing balance.
Steps :
1. Create Categories, Category Budgets (Optional) and Accounts.
2. Add Expenses or Income.
3. Select graph data in the Dashboard will let you view your current month expenses in a graphical way.
3. Click Accounts and then tap any account to see recent 50 transactions for the account.
4. Amount highlighted in green are Credits and red are Debits.
5. Long click Accounts or Categories to Deactivate or Activate.
6. Click Statements in the Dashboard menu to get list of transactions and its output.
7. Click Expense analyzer to view your expenses in a graphical way to analyze it for particular period.

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नया क्या है Cashflow Manager

v 2.9 08-04-2018
- Amount transfer between accounts bug fix
- New welcome message added
- Other minor bugs are fixed


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