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I prepare 2 versions here. Free version and Full version. Please consider to buy Full Version to support development.
You are welcome to refund within 1x24 for any reasons. Guaranteed!
Get Full Version Here:
1. 3x3 and 2x2 widget.
2. Teal Theme.
3. Digital Clock / Calendar / Battery / Weather Information / Timezone / Alarm Clock.
4. Shortcut to Alarm, Calendar, Battery Consumption and Weather Details.
5. Battery will be colored automatically to blue / orange / red
Weather Features:
1. Metric (Celsius) / Imperial (Fahrenheit) unit
2. Follow Location
3. Auto Refresh.
4. 5 Day Forecast Weather Data.
5. Weather Details such as Wind, Pressure, Sunrise, Sunset, Timezone, etc
Full Version:
1. Barbie, Blood, Cheese, Grape, Grass, Pumpkin, Sky, Snow and Teal Theme.
2. Black, Carbon, Hexagon, Steel and Transparent Background.
3. Standard, Classic, Military and even None Clock Dial.
4. Extra Weather Icon Sets.
Enjoy ~ Us Droid

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