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** JibJab for Messenger is specially designed to work with Messenger **
"This May Be the Greatest GIF Messaging App Ever" (Gizmodo)
We at JibJab (you know, the Internet's expert at putting your face in funny stuff) invite you to try a whole new way to say #awesome, #lol, or #wtf in conversations! Just add yourself(ie) or your friends to hilarious animated GIFs and messages, then quickly share within Messenger.
Here's what some are saying about our app:
"There’s nothing like a fat Elvis grinding a microphone stand with your face on it to make someone spit out their drink with laughter. [JibJab] is chock full of such gems.” (PandoDaily)
> Add faces from existing photos or snap a new one!
> Choose from Starring You® GIFs, stickers, animated emoji, plain ol' GIFs and more
> Easily share to and reply from Messenger
What are you loving? What could we do better?
Email us any time:
Facebook and Twitter: /jibjab

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We were just in the neighborhood to pass along some small changes on the backend of the app.
How sweet of you to offer dinner. We should really get going, though... don't want to be driving too late. Oh, homemade lasagna? Well, we don't want to be rude!


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