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MapGenie: Palworld Map

2.2.0 for Android


Discover the ultimate companion for your Palpagos Island adventure with MapGenie: Palworld Map! This unofficial and fan-made app is packed with interactive features to enhance your gaming experience. With over 1000 meticulously curated locations, you'll never miss a single Alpha Pal or Lifmunk Statue again. Explore 30+ categories including Mine Shafts, Treasure Chests, and Mining Areas, ensuring you won't overlook any hidden gems. Thanks to the Quicksearch function, finding specific locations is a breeze. Plus, you can personalize your map by adding notes to mark places of interest. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions, simply use the 'Send Feedback' option. Please note that the app is an independent creation and not affiliated with the game developers.

Features of MapGenie: Palworld Map:

> Comprehensive Coverage: MapGenie: Palworld Map boasts over 1000 locations, including all Fast Travel Statues, Collectibles, Dungeons, Bosses, and Captured Pals. This ensures that you have access to a complete and detailed map of the Palpagos Islands.

> Extensive Categories: With 30+ categories, this app allows you to easily find specific points of interest. Whether you are searching for Lifmunk Statues, Mine Shafts, Treasure Chests, Memos, Mining Areas, or any other feature, the app has got you covered.

> Quicksearch Functionality: Save time and frustration by utilizing the quicksearch feature. Simply type in the name of a location, and the app will instantly display the results you're looking for. This efficient search function enhances seamless navigation throughout the map.

> Note-Taking Capability: MapGenie: Palworld Map offers a note-taking feature that enables you to mark places of interest directly on the map. Whether it's a hidden treasure or a challenging boss encounter, you can add personal notes to ensure you never miss out on valuable information.

Tips for Users:

> Utilize Categories: Take advantage of the extensive category system in MapGenie: Palworld Map to easily locate specific items or areas of interest. This will save you time and help you fully explore the Palpagos Islands.

> Take Notes for Efficiency: Make use of the note-taking functionality to mark important locations or reminders on the map. This will help you plan your gameplay strategy and keep track of your progress effectively.

> Use Quicksearch for Instant Results: When you need to find something quickly, use the quicksearch feature. Simply enter the name of the location you're looking for, and let the app do the work for you.


MapGenie: Palworld Map is a fan-made, comprehensive and interactive map app that provides an indispensable tool for players exploring the Palpagos Islands. With over 1000 locations, extensive categories, quicksearch functionality, and note-taking capability, this app ensures that you will have all the information and guidance you need to fully immerse in the game world. Whether you're searching for collectibles, dungeons, or boss battles, MapGenie: Palworld Map is the perfect companion to enhance your Palworld gameplay experience. Download the app now and embark on your adventure with the ultimate map guide.


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