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Green the Planet 2

2.5.0 for Android


Discover the exciting world of 'Green Style' with the app Green the Planet 2! As featured in the prestigious New Cosmos Times, 'Green Style' has become a popular lifestyle choice for many. The concept is simple - travel through the universe, greening one planet at a time, and transforming it into a more comfortable place to live. By doing so, you will not only feel more relaxed and refreshed but also satisfied with your achievements. Worried about the difficulty? Don't be! GROW provides all the support you need to easily embrace your 'Green Style'. With a range of Comet Decomposer choices, including the new Spread Shot, Reflection Shot, and Charger type, decomposing comets has never been so fun and exciting. Plus, the energy obtained from decomposed comets can be injected into the planet through Greenifizers, making the greening process effortless. The app also offers on-site support using the latest artificial intelligence and a comprehensive library for reviewing collected items. Moreover, a new monitoring system allows you to keep track of the planets you have successfully greened. In the words of the 'Green Style' community, this trend has brought happiness and joy to people's lives. So, why wait? Start greening planets and enrich your life now by calling us to try GROW's 'Green Style' for free!

Features of Green the Planet 2:

> Variety of choices: Green the Planet 2 offers a variety of Comet Decomposer choices, such as Spread Shot, Reflection Shot, and Charger type, as well as the standard Cannon, Missile, and Laser. Users will be amazed by the fun and excitement of decomposing comets.

> Energy conversion: The items collected from decomposing comets are converted into energy that can be injected directly into the planet through Greenifizers. Users can sit back, relax, and watch how the planet becomes green.

> Artificial intelligence support: The app implements the latest artificial intelligence in the spaceship's computer, providing users with the best on-site support in the industry.

> Library for item review: Users have access to a library in the spaceship to review the items they collect, allowing them to keep track of their progress.

> Monitoring system: A new monitoring system has been installed, allowing users to check the current status of the planets they have completed greening. This feature responds to users' requests for better tracking and management.

> Testimonials from satisfied users: The app includes testimonials from members of the "Green Style" community, showcasing the positive impact the app has had on their lives. Users can gain inspiration from these stories.


Join Green the Planet 2 and experience the joy and satisfaction of greening planets. With a wide range of decomposer choices, energy conversion capabilities, artificial intelligence support, a library for item review, a monitoring system, and real-life testimonials, this app offers an easy and enjoyable way to embrace a "Green Style" lifestyle. Start greening the planets and enriching your life today! Download now for a free trial available at a galaxy near you.


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  • avatar
    it's a beautiful game but there's not mutch substance to it. also the video reserch ads are broken so i cant get comet streams or meteor showers. leveling resets once you change planets so theres never any actual advancement the only thing I'd say you're actively doing in this game is collecting items but you seem to be able to finish that quickly. not much variety in the comets either. But it is a good game if you just want a few quick min to get your mind off something by exploding comets.
    2024-03-27 11:01:25
  • avatar
    i guess monotonous grinding games are more popular now (or at least popular to make because of microtransactions). anyway its not bad, but the progression is poor. even after upgrading detection rate/speed you then need to grind to upgrad weapons (and restart weapons each planet). watching the ads is a necessity to speed things up. Yet all it does is give a tiny reduction to your grind. implementation of another feature like a farm you can manage/grow might work. and maybe more music.
    2024-03-26 12:40:07
  • avatar
    I love this game. Calming music, beautiful pixelated art style, and fun and interesting game design makes for an awesome experience that I will never forget. I remember years ago when I first played this game, I didn't remember the name and not until years later did I find the game and loved it. The way the game makes you wait for comets to come around the planet and also to wait for fusion of weapons to complete allows you to take breaks since it gets a bit boring. Great casual game. :)
    2024-03-26 10:44:16
  • avatar
    First off, I absolutely love the art and music in the game. It has little as far as instructions on the user interface are concerned, but once I figured out the basics the game felt straightfoward. It's simple, but manages to keep me engaged for near hours. Would highly recomend to anybody looking for something relaxing in their idle time.
    2024-03-26 00:44:36
  • avatar
    I played this when I still had an iPhone, and I got so happy seeing the recent update too!! The only things I'm a little sad about, are the aspect ratio is a bit funny on my device. It's a bit zoomed in, so I miss a bit of the view. The other thing is it quite often gets pretty laggy. Not enough for me to stop playing though :) love this game dearly, and will continue to support the dev
    2024-03-25 16:56:47
  • avatar
    I've had no idea how to play this game for the past... maybe... 7 years? I'm still on the 1st planet. It's such slow progress that I'm amazed I keep playing. I'm at 72%. Today again, I was looking at the menu, trying to understand just how badly I must be misunderstanding the gameplay to have such slow progress. Then I noticed the analyse button. I watched an ad and in the next few minutes, I went up 0.25 %. Anyways, the game's kinda uneventful and doesn't explain itself. I like it. 8/10.
    2024-03-24 11:56:24