ALT City: Gangstar mafia games APK

ALT City: Gangstar mafia games

2.2.5 for Android


Welcome to ALT City: Gangstar mafia games, the ultimate MMORPG that combines the excitement of action games with the thrill of gangster crime games. Experience a world of incredible freedom as you navigate through a massive open world filled with endless possibilities. Inspired by the best role-playing games, ALT CITY takes the genre to new heights by offering unparalleled interactions with other players. Join forces with fellow gamers to expedite your journey and form your own gang. Customize your car, upgrade your weapons, and explore over 150 square kilometers of metropolis. Rise from humble beginnings to become the wealthiest and most powerful player in ALT CITY. But be wary, as other players can rob, raid, and steal from you at any moment. Embrace your true identity in this realistic and immersive MMORPG, where you can choose to be a gangster, businessman, or any other character you desire. Set your own path and make your mark in ALT CITY, the ultimate game for those seeking unparalleled freedom, action, and adventure.

Features of ALT City: Gangstar mafia games:

* Massively multiplayer gameplay: ALT City: Gangstar mafia games is a massively multiplayer role-playing game that allows you to interact and cooperate with hundreds and thousands of other players in a session.

* Freedom of action: You have the utmost freedom of action in ALT CITY. Whether you want to join forces with other players to reach your goals quicker or play robber games with your friends and create your own gang, the choice is yours.

* Wide interactions: This game offers wide interactions with other players. You can sell or exchange items with them, ask for their help, or even take revenge if necessary.

* Open world car games: ALT CITY has everything that free world car games have to offer. You can tune and upgrade your car, move freely to any area within the metropolis, and even take other players' cars if you need them.

* Variety of professions and skills: You can choose your profession in ALT CITY and master new professions and skills as you progress in the game. From being a porter or odd-jobber to attaining prestigious professions and earning more money, the possibilities are endless.

* Realistic and engaging gameplay: Unlike other MMORPGs, ALT CITY allows you to play your character in any way you like. Whether you want to be a gangster, businessman, banker, or something else entirely, the game gives you the freedom to act atypically and create your own path.


ALT City: Gangstar mafia games is an exciting and immersive MMORPG that offers a unique gameplay experience. With its massively multiplayer features, freedom of action, wide interactions, open world car games elements, variety of professions and skills, and realistic gameplay, this app promises endless entertainment for those who enjoy action games and gangster crime games. Download ALT CITY now to embark on an adventure in a vast and vibrant metropolis!


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    This game not deserve 1 star it's worst game many Glitches and Many Missing Concepts in game I give 0 star and delete my game
    2024-03-27 12:57:46
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    The game is good but when i start it i see blackcreen and then it kick me i thinks the problem is the grapichs is really hight pls fixxx im your first feedback
    2024-03-27 04:12:58
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    This game is android gta 5
    2024-03-26 02:46:22
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    This game not work this my device please new update and fix the bugs and fix the game error and loading time is long loading time thank you
    2024-03-26 00:54:18
  • avatar
    Not working
    2024-03-25 11:49:45
  • avatar
    Game crashes since from the start Fix bugs and optimize the game
    2024-03-24 14:01:45