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I Love Hue Too

1.2.5 for Android


Step into a world of vibrant colors, dazzling shapes, and mind-bending challenges with I LOVE HUE TOO. Brought to you by the creators of the much-beloved color puzzle game, I LOVE HUE, this app takes you on a psychedelic journey that will test your perception and logic. With its harmony mode, you'll bring order to a chaotic chromatic world, while the geometry mode challenges you to place each tile perfectly in stunning mosaic patterns. Can you spot the smallest difference between similar colors? Push your skills with three daily challenges and unlock the all-new fortune telling system. Lose yourself in the dream or test your skills in the daily divination mode, and immerse yourself in a beautiful ambient synth soundtrack. Get ready for a mesmerizing, addictive, and visually stunning experience with I LOVE HUE TOO.

Features of I Love Hue Too:

- Harmony: Bring order to chaos by creating perfectly ordered spectrums out of colorful mosaic tiles.

- Geometry: Move each tile to its perfect place within beautiful mosaic patterns, challenging your spatial skills.

- Perception: Sharpen your ability to distinguish even the smallest difference between similar colors.

- Skill: Push yourself with three daily challenges that test your color perception and logic.

- Magic: Unlock an all-new fortune telling system and divine the future while you solve puzzles.

- Aesthetics: Immerse yourself in a mystical, minimalist world with psychedelic color-based gameplay and a beautiful ambient synth soundtrack.


Embark on a captivating and mind-bending journey into the world of color, light, and shape with the I LOVE HUE TOO app. This addictive puzzle game offers over 1900 levels of psychedelic color-based gameplay, challenging your perception and logic. With its mystical aesthetic and ambient synth soundtrack, the app is not only a puzzle but also a playable work of art. Whether you want to lose yourself in the dream-like mode or test your skills in the daily divination, this app offers a unique and immersive experience for puzzle enthusiasts. Download now and unlock the magic of I LOVE HUE TOO!


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    I think the game is really great - it's smooth, ads don't distract you while playing, cause they show up only when you finish a level. The graphics are really nice, minimalistic. The only problem I had with the game is that you can still click things on the screen while "Dream reveals itself..." - I entered previous story by accident and screwed up the whole animation, because I had to restart the game. Beside that, I don't really see anything to improve. I would highly recommend this game.
    2024-03-26 17:40:20
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    There were a few bugs, but they were very minor (I.E. when I finished a level and it would slide to the next level, it would either skip also to the next level after that, or when I hit play, none of the pieces would move and I'd have to restart it), but those problems only persisted for a couple days, and they weren't problematic but just a very slight annoyance. The game is very colorful, and I like the abstractness! It's actually been helpful for my ADHD as well, and helps me get my focus.
    2024-03-24 18:14:26
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    After I played through the first game, I was SOOO bummed it was over. When I saw that a second one had been released, I bought it IMMEDIATELY! It has proven to be even better than its predecessor, with a variety of fractals that challenge you to analyze and match colours from Every Direction. As a salon employee and hobby painter, I cannot recommend this game ENOUGH! It trains you to recognize undertones, how colors combine to create unexpected results, and it's just plain SATISFYING!
    2024-03-24 11:32:01
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    I only write a review if i really love a game, or I really want to love one. This is the second reason, sadly. Beautiful design and unexpected shapes and colors fitting together in a very enticing way. But the ads got more and more intrusive, as other reviewers have mentioned. When they started popping every other screen, it was enough for me.
    2024-03-24 10:45:15
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    This is the best color matching puzzle that I've played. Can be played with both logic and intuition. Overall ,a beautiful package- elegant typeface and animated line drawings /symbols/ magic signals. Tranquil background sound. Even the text poetry- adds to the whole package. The geometric grids and colors are pleasing. Very well done. Thank you.
    2024-03-24 07:33:47
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    Loved the original Blendoku and this is another great, somewhat similar color game. The daily inspiration is nice, too. Very calming. I'm only about halfway through and the puzzles have definitely gotten longer and more challenging. This game requires a decent eye for color, hue, and shades. The challenge makes it very rewarding to finally put the whole piece together. Would recommend ! Much love
    2024-03-23 16:55:21