Car Summer Games 2021 APK

Car Summer Games 2021

1.4.14 for Android


Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled twist on the Summer Games! Car Summer Games 2021 brings you an electrifying combination of your favorite sporting events and, you guessed it, cars! Picture a hurdle run with cars, a long jump with cars, and even a hammer throw with cars! It may sound crazy, but it's absolutely mind-blowing! Engage in multiple sport types, but this time, you're behind the wheel. Beat your high scores, climb up the ranks, and unlock a fleet of cool cars as you progress. Don't forget to invest in awesome upgrades to dominate the competition. With a dozen cars to choose from and exciting events on the horizon, this game promises endless challenges. Its fun arcade gameplay makes it accessible to everyone, while the thrilling challenges will keep you hooked for hours on end. Buckle up for the car experience you've been longing for!

Features of Car Summer Games 2021:

> Unique Concept: Car Summer Games 2021 offers a twist to traditional summer games by introducing cars into various sporting events such as hurdle run, long jump, and even hammer throw. This unique concept adds excitement and a new level of fun to the games.

> Multiple Sport Types: Users can take part in various sport types, all with cars. Whether it's racing against time in a hurdle run or showcasing your skills in a long jump, the app offers a diverse range of sporting events to participate in.

> High Score Challenge: Beat your own high scores and climb up the ranks in this addictive game. Compete against yourself and strive for improvement to unlock new levels and challenges.

> Car Customization: Unlock new cool cars as you progress in the game. With nearly a dozen cars to choose from, you can personalize your gaming experience and showcase your style as you take on each sporting event.

> Exciting Upgrades: Purchase awesome upgrades to enhance your performance and become even better. Upgrade your cars with advanced features and capabilities that will give you an edge over your opponents.

> Fun and Addictive Gameplay: With its fun arcade gameplay, Car Summer Games 2021 is perfect for casual gamers and sports enthusiasts alike. The exciting challenges offered by the app will keep you engaged for hours on end.


Car Summer Games 2021 is not your ordinary summer games app. Its unique concept of merging cars with traditional sporting events adds a thrilling twist that will undoubtedly captivate users. With multiple sport types, high score challenges, car customization, enticing upgrades, and addicting gameplay, this app offers an enjoyable and immersive car experience that will make you stay for a long time. Download now and get ready for a fun-filled summer games adventure like never before!


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