Grow Survivor - Idle Clicker APK

Grow Survivor - Idle Clicker

6.7.2 for Android


Introducing "Grow Survivor - Idle Clicker GAME": In this thrilling post-apocalyptic game, you are the last survivor left in the world after the devastating Apocalips. Your mission? Hunt down the menacing zombies and unlock the secrets of the vaccines to save humanity. Get ready for an addictive and simple gameplay experience, where a single click on the screen is all it takes to eliminate those brain-hungry creatures. But be prepared to gather materials and craft powerful weapons to aid you on your journey. With features like reinforcement based on your level, various weapon and accessory systems, and exciting boss battles, you'll be fully immersed in this pixelated world. Plus, you can play offline without internet, making it the perfect game to keep you entertained anywhere, anytime. Don't miss out on this 2D retro clicker game that will test your survival skills!

Features of Grow Survivor - Idle Clicker:

- Simple and addictive gameplay: Just tap on the screen to kill zombies and survive the apocalypse. It's easy to learn and hard to put down.

- Crafting and upgrading weapons: Gather materials to craft powerful guns and reinforce them to increase your chances of survival.

- Accessory system: Equip accessories to enhance your abilities and give yourself an edge in battles against the undead.

- Unique skin system: Unlock different skins with special abilities to customize your character and improve your combat skills.

- Mercenary and robot making system: Recruit mercenaries and build robots to help you in your fight against the bases where weapon blueprints are available.

- Exciting events: Take part in events to explore new areas and obtain a wide range of valuable materials.


Experience the thrill of surviving an apocalypse in Grow Survivor - Idle Clicker GAME! Tap your way to victory and hunt down zombies while studying vaccines to save the world. Craft and upgrade weapons, equip accessories, and unlock unique skins with special abilities. Recruit mercenaries and build robots to aid you in your battles against base invasions. Explore events to gather valuable materials and enhance your chances of survival. This addictive and easy-to-play pixelated clicker game is perfect for offline play, ensuring you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. Don't miss out on this full edition of the game - click to download now!


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    Later in the game, there runs into an issue with the game not keeping you logged in. When mergin skins, you can't get new ones unless you're logged in, which has caused me to lose many random chance red skins. Please fix this.
    2024-06-04 17:46:29
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    love it. its not a idle game, wich is a good thing, u have to be playing the game to make progress and no waiting times for anything because you have to be in the game for those waiting times to go by. love it!
    2024-06-04 06:23:02
  • avatar
    Fun game to start off, after a certain point you may find yourself doing what I have leaving the game muted, and running all day just to grind. Really fun trying to push through the boss raids/explorations.
    2024-06-04 00:52:26
  • avatar
    Fun easy play with the ability to throw on AutoPlay so u don't need to do a thing unless u want to increase ur overall DPS("damage per second" for you noobs who don't get it) literally the only reason I rated 4 star is the fact there store bundles are stupid and they're all 19.99$ for no reason.. there's even a 1,000,000 gold coin bundle for 20$ too.. that's dumb as heck.. also theres free skins.. But when I'm opening them they have an INSANELY ANNOYING flash that feels like I flashbanged myself
    2024-06-03 22:19:38
  • avatar
    First off if i wanted forced ads with no rewards i would own a television so start acting like a game dev and get rid of the fored ads with 0 rewards that just pop up after an action i preform in the game it is very annoying and quite frankly i figured a game dev is a real person but it wouldnt surprise me if you all identify as a television because of your game forcing ads like a television
    2024-06-03 18:23:54
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    No offline progress? So I have to either have the app open and let it run for 15 minute or tap for 15 minutes. Also no tutorial on the Variety of shops? So you build up a bunch of currency until you finally find the shop.
    2024-06-03 06:24:34