Solitaire Card Games, Classic APK

Solitaire Card Games, Classic

2.7.1 for Android


Introducing the Solitaire Card Games, Classic! If you're a fan of card games, then you're in for a treat. Our classic Klondike Solitaire will provide you with endless entertainment, and the best part is, it's completely free! With crisp, big, and easy-to-read cards, you'll have no trouble playing. Whether you prefer drawing 1 card or 3 cards, we've got you covered. And with features like unlimited free undo, auto-complete, and customizable card faces and backgrounds, the options are endless. Challenge yourself with our Daily Challenge and unlock trophies. Download our Free Solitaire app now and play offline anywhere, anytime. Don't forget to check out our other exciting card game apps like Spider Solitaire and FreeCell Solitaire. Get ready for hours of fun with Solitaire Card Games!

Features of Solitaire Card Games, Classic:

⭐️ Klondike Solitaire: Enjoy the popular classic card game on your Android device.

⭐️ Multiple game modes: Play with different variations including Draw 1 card or Draw 3 cards.

⭐️ User-friendly interface: Crisp, big, and easy to read cards making it comfortable for your eyes.

⭐️ Intuitive controls: Move cards with a single tap or use drag and drop feature.

⭐️ Personalized experience: Choose between left-handed and right-handed layouts, customizable card faces, backs, and backgrounds.

⭐️ Additional features: Enjoy unlimited free undo, auto-complete option, daily challenge, Vegas scoring, and more.


Join millions of Solitaire enthusiasts and experience endless fun with our Solitaire Card Games, Classic app. With its user-friendly interface, multiple game modes, and personalized experience, this app is perfect for all ages. Download now and play offline anytime, anywhere. And if you love card games, don't forget to check out our other Solitaire apps including Spider Solitaire, FreeCell Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, and more. Take your gaming experience to the next level with our Enjoyable Patience Solitude app. Click here to download now!


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    I play solitaire to get away and relax. I was bombarded after every single game with political ads over and over .. didn't end. After waiting over a week to see if the ads would rotate out, I had to uninstall. The political stuff is a deal breaker for me. I like the game and play a lot, but it won't be this one.
    2024-06-06 18:53:18
  • avatar
    I haven't played computer solitaire for a long time but I'm going through some health issues and the game is so relaxing that it is almost like meditation. My grandmother played cards with me when I was a child so it brings back images of all the all the times I spent with my grandmother, who was a wonderful, funny, loving maker of boysenberry pies. I'm sure I'll spend lots of time playing and feeling my grandmother right by my side. She was a wonderful person. As for the game itself, I like the graphics and the user friendly interface. This will provide me with many hours of fun relaxation!
    2024-06-06 13:46:32
  • avatar
    Like this game alot. Passes time, also occupies the mind. Great pics for back and face of cards. This game doesn't lag, keeps up with the player. One can easily set how you want cards to come out, timer, music, New game, redo, undo. All that stuff that makes Solitaire convenient to play and enjoy.
    2024-06-06 12:02:55
  • avatar
    Good app, ads in between games, which aren't bad, they're short and easy to simply close out. The only issue is that it doesn't do a correct single card draw layout (one card on top of the other, aligned). It draws single cards but they are still spread out like triple card draw.
    2024-06-05 21:13:52
  • avatar
    I got this app for my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note8 and so far I really like it a lot!!!! I loooove that I can choose a different background, different back of the cards as well as the face of the cards!!!!! The colors are very nice and vibrant!!!!! We'll see how it goes!!!! Keep up the great work, devs!!!!!
    2024-06-05 03:08:03
  • avatar
    Great App. All the other Solitaire apps I've gotten mess with audible or Kindle. I usually listen to them while I play and with the dang advertisements it makes them stop. This one however doesn't do that. And there's no annoying ads you have to wait so many seconds as it plays thru before you can cancel out.
    2024-06-03 01:29:36